Monday, September 17, 2012

Improve Your Outlook

I have a habit of prettying up my window sills.
 No matter where I have lived, I like to peer out my window and see something pretty there. Vintage candle holders lit at dusk, auromatic potted herbs, or a handful of flowers in dainty creamers or sugar bowls.
 Over the weekend I found the most darling large cup at Homegoods and knew I wanted it for my window sill in the kitchen.
 At just under $5 it was a bargain, not only because of it's vintage cottage look, but because it's design is graced by the most beautiful bird, and gold trim.
 Have I told you I am a bird lover?
 I am.

 I added my little Fenton Milk Glass Mini Kettle , it has a traditional Fenton Daisy and Button pattern, and filled it with some rosy colored blooms.

 No, this is not my window sill, the light was coming in rather strong and darkened everything so I moved them to a spot to take the photo.
 But these little pretties have certainly improved my outloook;)
Thanks to Linda over at Coastal Charm for letting me crash her party