Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shop Update

What's new in our Shop? Here's a couple photos to let you know what we've been working on.
Our Booth Downtown is doing quite well. I think all businesses get off to a slow start, but the word is out and this month our inventory has literally sold out!
So we've been fairly busy with adding new items as often as we can.
Here are a couple tables , the Robin's Egg Table is already sold, and the Canary Yellow is just listed.

 Isn't it darling?
We've added our artistic touches with 3 Luscious layers of our Custom Chalk Paint, and Chipped away at the finish, for this one of a kind look. 

In case you're admiring the pretty floral pillow (you know how I love my florals) it's a Vintage Estate piece which was a bargain, I love the colors! 

Have a wonderful weekend, one and all! 
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Monday, March 19, 2012

Petits fours

It's no secret the world has gone Crazy for Cupcakes. There are cupcake bakeries on every corner, with clever business names. 
"BabyCakes" "The Frosted Muffin" "Sprinkles"
So tempting!
It's ok to eat the entire cake ;)

Still...I adore a Petit Four every now and then. There is something so elegant,and girly about a pretty little petite  cake made especially for you.
English Butter Pats delicately matching a lovely French Plate

 Individually. Each one hand decorated. 

That's what we're having for desert tonight, while we watch Dancing with the Stars.
New Life for a Glass Butter Dome a lovely "Cake Cloche"

 My Husband sort of pretends to be mildly interested in the show, but between you and me, I think he's been a fan since Kirsty Alley. 
Gold Plated Flatware, a precious metal brought to the table

It doesn't take much to make me happy.
Cake, Hubby, and Gladys that's a great evening. 
xoxo tami

Large Plate: Thrifted Haviland Limoges France
Vintage Butter Pats: Thrifted Johnson Brothers England
Glass Butter Dome: Thrifted
Gold Plated Flatware: Gifted

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Southern Comfort


I have gone back to an old habit lately. Lightening up some of my favorite foods. 
With the colder temps, I came home craving one of my childhood favorite comfort foods...Beans and Franks.
I think everyone knows how to make this uber simple recipe, but here's what I do to lighten it up, lesson the fat, and sodium. 

For my simple recipe you'll need:
1 pk Oscar Meyer's 98% Fat Free Weiners
3 28oz cans of Pinto Beans (these are fully cooked canned beans)
4 table spoons of your favorite BBQ sauce ( I use Bull's Eye)
2 table spoons of ketchup

Slice the franks into bite size pieces, then spray your skillet with cooking spray, saute the bite size franks until they get a nice color. 
I like mine to have a bit of char to them. Set aside.
Drain all but half of the liquid from one can of beans and set aside. Next drain and rinse the other two cans. Add  all 3 cans into a skillet, with your bbq sauce and ketchup, and heat.
 When they are nearly hot, add your franks, let simmer for a few minutes and you're done! Enjoy, this nearly fat free meal, filling, comforting, and super economical!