Monday, January 30, 2012

DIY Chalk Paint

A big thank you to all who asked about the Chalk Paint recipe my Hubby used on this table, so as promised here it is! It's  quite simple,really, once you see it, you'll understand. 
My husband uses this recipe when he wants a pretty vintage finish on furniture. He does however play around with the measurements and consistency to get the look he wants. He also tries different paint types, such as flat, satin, etc. He likes to mix his own colors too, after all it's only paint;)  Now go have a little Chalk Paint Fun! xoxo tami
Link to instructional YouTube Video, one of which he used,
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Frog Cake

That doesn't sound very appetizing does it? But it's just so cute!

Playing around with my small collection of Flower Frogs I decided to stack them and got this adorable look, resembling a Wedding Cake:)

Flower Frogs are highly collectable vintage items, that are so much fun to have around. 

They make wonderful place card holders at a table, or can be used to leave your Beloved a note...such as "pick up your socks"-;)

I personally adore the tiny ones. But they come in many shapes, sizes, designs, and colors.

I recently sold a large Hair Pin Frog in my shop. It was gorgeous. I just may be having "seller's remorse". It comes with the territory. 

Do you own any of these lovely little Flower Frogs? If so, how do you display them? Leave a comment if you wish. I love the new feature that I can reply directly to you in my post. 
For those of you who've been having troubles commenting, I'm looking into the reason why. And thank you for letting me know. Finally, a warm Welcome to my New Followers! So happy to have you! hugs, tami
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stage Right

I felt a little bad about the previous post's photos. We didn't stage them at all. They were taken really as the "afters"  for listing online.
So here's a little staging before we're off today to add it to our booth.

You may have noticed the pretty Toile Flower Can sitting on my cabinet above, it's the exact same fabric, how cool is that?  Found on a thrifted hunt, it's originally from Nordstrum's. I much prefer the price I paid ;)

The pillow is not for sale, I won it here and I love it!
I am off to enjoy the most gorgeous day ever, the Sun is Shining in the Big Blue Sky. I hope everyone in blog land gets a chance to step away from their computers and get outside if you can. There really is nothing like Fresh Air. xoxo tami
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Saturday, January 14, 2012

French Style Toile Chair

Greetings One and All! It's been a little busy here, we've been finishing up a few projects for our Booth, which I hope to show you photos of very soon, it's ever changing. Things have been selling little by little, which keeps us on our toes. 
Our latest pretty is this Ornate Vintage Chair, which is perfect for a Desk we're also working on.

The French Style Chair has been delicately distressed and we've added an upholstered cushion in a gorgeous black and white Toile! 

Sorry about the "Dust Bunnies" but things get a tad messy when we work. You may be able to get a peek at our open shelved linen closet in our Hall, which I'll also be giving a fresh coat of paint and re-working the accessories this Spring. So stay tuned!
On another note, I wanted to take a moment to thank the following ladies:
Pamela for her sweet shout out with a link to my blog, it's very much appreciated! 

Jane, who's always kind enough to stop by and leave a positive comment:) 
And Pam Quinn, who's probably my biggest fan, she's been so supportive of my blog, and I think I admire and adore her's just as much!
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I'll be back soon, hopefully with a few photos of our booth.
xoxo tami

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Old Softie

A Vintage Powder Tin...

This item is for sale in my booth, however if you would like to purchase it, simply email me.

It's hand painted and gently crackled with age, not by painted finish.

A soft Blue/Green with delicate roses, and strokes of gold.

For those of you who've inquired about the home made chalk paint my Husband uses, I'll be posting the recipe soon.
He found the instructions online and sort of adapted it to his own painting style.
On another note, we seem to be having early Spring weather, and we're trying to enjoy every second of it. Who knows what February will bring, but today is lovely.
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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bedside Manners

Have I told you how much I hate my little point and shoot camera?

You literally have to wait for the exact moment when the light is just right and and the Sun is Shining, and Jupiter aligns with Mars for it to take even a so so photo. I just don't have the time these days.

That being said, you now know my excuse for these rather noisy photos of a Bedside Table the Hubs finished for our Bedroom.

Even cruddy pics can't ruin how lovely it turned out. He's a master painter I tell you, aside from other things ;)

This is an old sewing table he put one of his "Custom French Finishes" on. He mixes his own Chalk Paint (my apologies to Annie Sloan). For pennies on the dollar.

 Gentle distressing, and an aged look.

Bedroom to be revealed this month, for now it's a tease. 
xoxo tami
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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


A month ago while shopping I found this pretty shaving mug.

It didn't come home with me that day, there was no time, bad service, and a price discrepancy on another item that made me put it back.
So imagine my surprise when I saw it was still on the shelf this morning. 

I'm not sure why they make men's shaving mugs so pretty and dolled up with flowers.

But I don't mind. reminds me of someone special. 

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