Saturday, October 20, 2012


Who much space do you need?
Occasionally I get a wild hair and search the new home listings, just to see.
Our home is around 1500 sq feet, plenty of room for a family of 2.
Just the Hubby and I. But we do like to have family come for a visit or close friends, also we like to open our home to others when the occasion calls for it.
Personally, I have lived in a studio apartment when I was single, a one bedroom apartment, and on up.
I remember fondly the studio, it was a fun time in my life, I had a small (tiny) kitchen, livingroom/bedroom, and a bathroom.
My first vintage table and chairs were a round white table, and two icecream parlor style chairs my Mom and I found together at a yard sale. I loved them, and carried them on into my first couple years of married life.
When you're madly in love, it's amazing how little you need. Perhaps that is what makes my friend Debra so happy?
She lives in a tiny home,

I've been inspired by her blog  from the moment I first saw it.
And her life.
Tonight I stumbled upon a home that makes her tiny cottage look like a mansion , which makes me much space do we really need?
My guess is it depends upon where you live.
City, Beach, Country. Either way, I think Debra, and anyone who chooses this lifestyle is not onlly brave, but motivating. So thank you, tiny home dwellers, everywhere, for making us all realize that happiness is certainly not based on how much you have.


  1. I so agree with you! I, too, had a studio apartment so similar to yours and it was during the most fun part of my life! I had a TV the size of a toaster and an old fashion claw leg tub. Sweet memories.

    The home we live in now is small by most standards but I think you adjust. I don't know what I would do with more space, probably just fill it up with useless things!


  2. I love this phrase " happiness is certainly not based on how much you have".

  3. Love your site! You have fabulous taste in antiques.

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  5. love your post, and why do I love it: because we need so little space. When Spring is around the corner we get the itch to change and air our house. I sit and have a look around and feel lost in the tremendous space we have. We need so little to be happy. The most intriguing part of a visit to Ikea's is where they display so many square meters with everything in it: living, dining, sleeping, bathing, etc. So clever! I love those set ups! Guess the way I splash myself out it would not be enough space - that is the contradiction!
    Happy sunny Sunday!


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