Monday, October 15, 2012


This is the real deal...a Vintage Fan that actually works. It's always a bonus when things work.
 Although, if you have a very old Fan that works, there are a couple things you should know.
Never use them around small children or pets
The blades are quite sharp, and there is no real safty shield. The pretty wire shield does not keep little fingers or noses for that matter from entering while the blades are spinning.

 That being said, they make wonderful props for Vintage, Cottage Style Rooms. I would simply leave it "off". These photos are from our new booth. The entire Mall we sell our wares in moved across the street to a prettier, cooler, and more upkept building. So now we have a nice floor, and a large white painted brick wall.

 Change can be good. Like from Summer to Fall...sooo much cooler here where we live, it was a long hot Summer, and we're all so glad it's over. Crisp Air, Leaves Turning, Cider Brewing...Fall. Have a good one, one and all. (rhyme intentional;))
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  1. That fan is wonderful! Thanks for the safety reminder. I forget that old stuff was not child proof!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  2. Wonderful retro fan! Amazing that it still works, and it looks so good....have a great week. Sharon x

  3. Love this one! I found one last year at our local thrift store . . . it was marked $5.00 -- I couldn't believe my eyes! I especially loved it because it was turquoise and goes with my decor. I also runs (boy were they noisy back then!) but I agree, the cords are so old I wouldn't trust them and yes, the covers are definitely before the days of 'safety' standards - LOL!

  4. Love the vintage fan! I have a pink one, that is just perfect. Laura

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  6. That electric fan is older than me.

  7. I was always afraid of fans because my little niece likes to put her fingers in things. I try to keep fans off when I with the little one or at the very least. I watch to make sure she didn't put her fingers anywhere need it.


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