Friday, April 20, 2012

Floral Teal Pitcher

Greetings! I had a few emails asking me about the pretty Pitcher that I used to accessorize my Blue Winged Teal Table I shared
So I thought I might answer them...
Janet asked "Is it an antique?" From my internet search I believe it's early 1900's
Patty asked "Where did you get that gorgeous Pitcher!?"
We found it in a thrift shop in Bakersfield California, there is an Antique Row on 19th street  which merits a visit if you're ever in the Central Cali area.
Jennifer asked "Can you tell me about the pretty pitcher in your photos?"
This is an Anchor Pottery Piece, it's marked "white cement" and made by Anchor in Trenton Ohio, so it's American. The color is a beautiful deep Aqua and there are added flowers at the lip of the pitcher, which certainly adds to it's charm and beauty. I love it, it's value can get upwards of $300, however it was a steal at just $3.
We were picking for our shop but decided to keep this for ourselves. I'm in the process of painting my open shelving in my hall which is our linen closet, and this will work well with our aqua colored Ball Jars.
Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for your interest!


  1. Ooh, I love this. Beautiful!

  2. What a beautiful pitcher! Gorgeous... thanks so sharing the info. Hope you enjoy your weekend. Jalon

  3. Really gorgeous piece, Tami! How big is it? I have a very old brown transferware teacup and saucer marked Anchor Paris and it has a similar feel to your pitcher, especially the shape and detail of the handles. I wonder if they're by the same manufacturer?

    1. Hi Erin, it's quite large, I would say it would hold an entire gallon of water.
      And it's possible Anchor has or has or had a factory in Paris , very cool!


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