Monday, February 27, 2012


Spring is upon us here in the Central Valley of California, although this week promises temps in the mid to low 50's. For us spoiled Californians, that's a tad chilly. And I certainly don't mind, since the Summers are dreadful.
I have been absent due to my own illness, as well as that of a close family member, so I do apologize. 
That being said, I wanted to thank everyone who entered this lovely little giveaway, including Shabby Apple for allowing me the honor.
Now without further adieu...the winner is Susan who commented:
I Like Shabby Apple on Facebook. Very pretty dress! Thanks 

for the opportunity to win it!


Congrats Susan! Please send me your contact info so I can 

pass it on to Shabby Apple


  1. Spring is far from here. Today & tomorrow in the upper 40's & then sleet, snow & freezing rain for Wednesday!! Ugh.....
    Come on Spring !!
    Happy Monday!!

  2. The weather isn't very spring like here but it was gorgeous this past weekend! Glad to hear you are feeling better :o)

  3. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for your such kind words on my blog, becoming a follower and I am the one that is honored to be part of your blog feed.

    Have a blissed-filled day

  4. Thank you so much, Tami and Shabby Apple, for the gift of winning the maxi dress!!! I absolutely love the styling and the color! Tami, your blog is an inspiration to even the least imaginative people, like myself. You give me hope!

    Take care & God bless,


  5. Yesterday I received my dress in the mail. It is such a pretty pink and it fits so nice! Thanks again for the giveaway!


  6. What a great site you have. I am just getting into the blog sites and am amazed at the creativity out there. Your site is on my favorites list and I promise to check in each week to see what is new. I am a Georgia girl and love what you do on the west coast. Guess we are all from the same mold after all/


I love hearing from you, and read each and every comment, which are greatly appreciated :)