Monday, June 27, 2011

The Color Of Summer

The Vibrant Colors Of Summer
In my absence I've been soaking up the Sun's rays (not to worry, I use a sunblock). And an injured foot, which  has put a damper on any activity. I seem to have broken one of my toes...the "little piggy that stayed home";)
I will spare you all the details. However the cool water of the pool does make it feel better, albeit temporary. 

Last month I picked up this pretty cloche at a junk shop for just 50 cents, it fit perfectly with my potting dish coasters so I added a few shells to remind me of my favorite Coastal Getaway.
Hope you're having a wonderful Summer so far, see you soon, xxx tami 
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Friday, June 10, 2011


A pretty Brown Transferware platter peering through the windows in my Hutch. It was a gift from my Husband, and he didn't even know I wanted one. He spotted it at a thrift shop and picked it up for me. (he's really getting good at that).
 I freshened my Hutch for the Summer, removing a great deal of china, and adding touches of white here and there. I'm seriously thinking of taking out my reds and putting up my Browns, but may wait until Fall. 

That will give me time to get the right containers to store it. I also feel more inclined to do some "nesting" in the Fall, the weather is cozier.
Over the years you can accumulate a lot of dishes. And lately I've been trying to "de clutter" and "scale down". 
But something happens when I see pretty things, especially if they're a bargain. They tend to come home with me.
And now I have my Hubby doing it. He picked up this Rooster last year for me, as soon as he saw it, he figured I would fancy it,  I did, and do. He's a big spender, it cost $1. But that actually makes me love it more ;)

I have been suffering from a little bit of "Bloggie Burn Out". I hear it's quite common. And highly contagious. "The Blog Doctor" has told me to get lots of Sunshine, and Fresh Air. He feels I need to spend more time with my Friends and Family too. So if I'm not posting quite as often as I usually do, can find me Poolside (Doctor's Orders)-;)
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Love Nest

These gorgeous Vintage Noritake Salad Plates form the perfect marriage with my pretty Love Nest
I prefer to call these "Cake Plates". After all, if given the choice between Cake and Salad,'s a no brainer.

The colors in them inspired the Nest. Why is it us Girlie Girls love pinks, soft baby blues, and buttery yellows? 

It's a nice change from the Reds so plentiful in my home. 
Every now and then, I need a little softness. 
 This post was inspired by Laurie 
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Friday, June 3, 2011

Lavender Lust

A pre 1914 Bottle finds it's way to the High Street Cottage. 
You may purchase this bottle here

Married with one of my Sea Glass Apothecary tops in the same shade of pale purple.

 Only glass with the element manganese in it will turn purple in UV light.

Under UV radiation, the manganese combines with the oxides in the glass to create MnO2, a compound which absorbs light in the visible spectrum except that which creates the color purple. Therefore, as light passes through the glass, it appears purple.

I just think it's pretty:)

By the way, thank you so much to all of you who've been so kind and stopped over to view my shop, and for your sweet comments. Also thank you to Ricki from Art@Home
for being my very first customer! Hope you enjoy your pretty Robin's Egg Blue Milk Glass Compotes Ricki, I sent along a couple surprises too. xxx See you all soon, tami  
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