Monday, April 25, 2011

Pretty In Pearls

Nothing says Springtime like Pretty Pearls. They're simply a "must have" for any wardrobe.
I happen to love them in any color. But smokey gray colored Fresh Water Pearls are gorgeous!
They flash pretty rainbow hues when turned at different angles.
The beautiful Bracelet above is the creation of my newest sponsor, and a very special Blog Buddy, Pam Quinn. And I think her designs are wonderful.
 And One cannot have a Bracelet without matching Earrings ;)
I love Earrings that dangle a bit, they're so feminine.
The best part?...This Bracelet and Earrings can be yours.
Yep, I'm having a giveaway, and to win, all you have to do is Take a peek at Pam's Etsy Shop
Stop by her Blog and tell her how much you love her jewelry.
And leave a comment in this post for me, so I know you're interested.
This special giveaway is open only to High Street Cottage followers, so if you're not following my blog already, I would be ever so happy if you become a new follower so I can enter you in the giveaway.
I'll choose one winner on May 3rd
Thanks so much, and have a wonderful week!
xxx tami 
Just to be clear, the prize you will win is the Bracelet and Earrings pictured above
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

De Mon Jardin

From My Garden...
Now, we are not Gardeners, my Husband and I.
We forget to water.
We rarely weed. 
But somehow...the flowers keep growing.
And we keep enjoying them. Year, after Year.
Hopefully, you'll enjoy them too...
Our Roses, which have begun to bloom in four colors, pink, yellow, violet, and red. (yellow and pink shown)

Tulips brought inside to grace the pretty Mercury Bottle.

 Our Wisteria which hangs atop the Gazebo

 And a couple of our potted plants, this one sits beside the
Grapevines, I have a vintage Trellis I'm painting to sit inside the pot so they'll vine upwards.

 And our pretty potted Geraniums, in my favorite color.
 Thank you for all the kind comments on my last post, your sweet words touched my heart.  I'll be back very soon with a special giveaway. xxx tami
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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Royal Treatment

Today was a good day. Work was satisfying, birds were singing, the Sun was shining, and I woke up breathing.
This is a little known secret about me, but...
I actually am one of those "grateful" people. 
I really am thankful for each and every day I live, and each and every little thing I'm blessed with. A good man. Family. A job. And a nice dinner out now and then. Not to mention, the occasional treasure hunt.
I have never taken anything for granted. Nothing.
I could change, but...I find it's one of my better qualities.
And believe me, I've got plenty other not so desirable things to work on. Human being that I am.
Hopping off my soapbox now...

This is a little stone crown we found at Marshall's, isn't it sweet?

And these flowers were in my garden...see? I've plenty to be grateful for.

I decided to pick them when I noticed my Dog (she's a Boxer) was a bit over zealous and her jumping and leaping was crushing them. So I brought them inside where they could be admired.
And these are some of my pretty Silverware, their tops mimic the pretty crown don't you think?

And finally, a peek at another item soon to be in my soon to open Etsy shop...An antique Crock from Sacramento California. It's quite sizable.

We plan to open up shop by June 1st if not sooner. 
All Vintage, Re-Loved items.
Nothing new!
To those of you who made such wonderfully kind comments on my "Define My Blog" post...I am ever so grateful, and so appreciative! I visited each of your blogs and wrote a comment for you all. Your sweet words are greatly appreciated! xxx tami
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Thursday, April 14, 2011


I've been asked to define my blog.
This is no easy task, I'm not sure I could define myself.
Everything you need to know...

Is all there in the Header.


Defining my style over at Sarah's (aka the Mrs.) at Modern Country Style for her party "Define Your Blog" 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Bottle Baby

Hello Everyone...aren't these lovely? They look like amethyst gems, don't they? They're lavender bottle toppers, washed up from the Sea. They've been tossed about, tumbled, and smoothed over by the waves. Kind of romantic eh?
 They are perfect to top those lovely lavender bottles you have in your collection. Each one is unique in it's own way, no two are alike.
 They will be for sale in my Etsy Shop soon. While they last ;)
 Vintage bottles are all the rage in Cottage Decor. I really don't have any, other than this one (the unwashed rusty looking one in front). Because, although I stumble across them from time to time...
 I simply have too many "things" as it is. I'm sure you get my meaning. 
 But I do think, they're gorgeous. This one looked as though it had lots of character, so we decided to leave it unwashed for the photographs. 
 I like it sitting beside my beloved Sea Shells.
 The "Knowledge" bottle was a Marshall's find, on clearance for just $, how could I pass that up?
I want to thank these two lovely ladies for the nice "write up" they gave me this week. They won one of my giveaways and were kind enough to post about it, and promote my blog. 
Thank you to :
Linda of Coastal Charm 
Sherry of No Minimalist Here 
You two ladies Rock!
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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blog Anniversary

And a Big Thank You! To those of you who've followed my humble little blog since my first day, and to those of you who've kept following!,you have no idea how much I've appreciated your kind comments. Your sweet emails, and wonderful words of encouragement.
Although, I joined Blogger in April of 2010, I sort of parked my page, with no activity until August, I believe. I knew I wanted to blog, but wasn't sure how to go about it. Even now, my photos are not very good, (see blurry "merci" above), but somehow you've all stuck by me, and I'm so appreciative. I'll be back this week, not only with a new post, with better photos, but to  reply to all of you, who are so kind in posting comments to me, because, it's only right if I want other's to comment on my posts, that I reciprocate.
After all, that's what blogging is about.  Besides, I love reading all of your blogs, it makes my day!
Thank you again, xxx tami
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Friday, April 8, 2011


Hello Friends, just a quick post to send out a warning about a site that is being sent out through emails. I was sent an email telling me someone tagged High Street Cottage in a photo, and when I went to see, it latched onto my emails and started inviting all my contacts, even though I had not given permission or signed up to join their site. It's called Shoppybag. 
If you receive an email from them my suggestion is to delete it, do not click the link. Thank you Marcy from Antique Chase for helping me figure this one out.

Here's some more info about it that I found online

  • GMail users who sign up will find that a script has taken permision to use their account, and that their contacts have been sent emails claiming that has "tagged you with a! photo on ShoppyBag". They have to sign up to see the photo, thus spreading the spam. If this happens, the user can stop this by disabling third-party access to
I went back to their site, and clicked delete account, and the emails stopped, even though I never signed up, I think though by clicking on to see the photo you're in effect signing up to their spam site. I apologize to anyone who's been inconvienanced by this. Thanks tami


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Les Plaques

French Plates I found while thrifting...

I've shared them before, but hopefully these photos are a bit clearer.
 The hallmark says they're from France, but I just loved the very Rachel Ashwell Shabby vintage roses they sport.
 Since there were only four, and they're the perfect size for cake, I'll have to use them for desert when having just a couple over.
 It's been lovely weather here, even a bit too warm for my taste. Our Springs are rather short and we get right into hot weather by the end of May. So I might get a bit cranky, not with you all, but just in general ;)
 Although...having cake on pretty French plates does tend to help with the crankies:) See you all very soon, xxx tami

Monday, April 4, 2011


This week just a quick, simple post to share one of our Summer Finds. Well, one, and a peek of the other. 
This Urn was only a few dollars at a local yard sale last summer, when an entire block held a neighborhood sale. 
This is just me, but I do like to have things that are "real". Meaning, not plastic etc. When it comes to my pots or urns, I do like them to be either cement or a plaster, or terra cotta. Not light weight plastic. I just like the "old world" feel of them.
 We'll fill this Urn with some sort of colorful plant that vines. 
It sits atop a very old Farmhouse Table we bought at the same sale. We plan on sprucing up our very large gazebo for outdoor dining. I love the rustic wood planks on the table (which I'll share later). I'll be linking this post up to a few parties this week. xxx tami

Friday, April 1, 2011

Seeing Red

This may, or may not, (most likely not) come as a surprise to many of you, but I Love Red :)

It's true, it's been my very favorite color since I was a little girl. 
I remember my Mom buying my Sister and I new Turtle Neck Sweaters, and mine was Red! She knew, My Mom was in tuned to my Love of Red , even then. 
I have touches of Red all over my home, it's nearly in every room. And I love Red Glass! So I have a collection of Red Glass Candle Holders on my Credenza, that when they're all lit, create such a romantic, and serene mood. I light them when we have guests over, or when I'm feeling like enjoying myself and relaxing with a nice glass of wine. That being said, my Husband ( and no, I'll not be calling him "Mr. H, not that there's anything wrong with you ladies doing that, but it's just not us) took to practicing his new camera, and so here is one of the shots he took of bits of my Red Glass. He's taken a few practice shots that I'll share with you all soon. You will probably enjoy it much more than the fuzzy wuzzy shots I take with the "point and click". So to my Darling Husband...Thank You! 

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