Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Bee's Knees

A while back I was visiting Laura's blog 52 Flea 
(Happy anniversary, 2 years of blogging Laura!)
She is a woman who needs no introduction in the blogger world of Cottage Decor, but if you've never heard of her, hop on over for a visit, you're in for a real treat.
Anyway, she was having a giveaway, and for the most part I do not enter giveaways, but the prize was amazing. It was this gorgeous silver bottle, antique, just beautiful. 

It was from  Southern Shop Girl the Etsy shop owned by Jennifer and Paula of Lulu's Designs, they have wonderful vintage items, and re-do the most amazing furniture.
Anyway, long story short, I won! I was so excited, and surprised! (By the way, I've actually seen these bottles online for over $200, and Pier One Imports carries a replica, with French Writing on it, if you're looking for one for yourself.)

So a Big Thank You to Laura, Paula, and Jennifer! I love it!

I wanted to fill my bottle with blossoms, and it was a bit of an adventure. I went outside to clip some from my peach tree, and forgot that we have this gorgeous tree on the side of the house and it was filled with beautiful pink blossoms! So I went happily clipping away, I saw a little Bee, no biggie, I can share my blossoms. Unable to reach I went around to the other side, and clipped another branch..."What's that noise?" I thought, "Bees!" lots and lots of them! "Bees everywhere!" I remained calm, as I know if you leave them "bee" they'll leave you "bee" ;) For What To Do If You Encounter A Swarm Or Colony Of Bees Click Here 
Anyway, I did manage to get out of there with enough pretty blooms to fill my bottle.
And I think...

  It is the...Bee's Knees ;)
Oh, the table...You want to know about the table? It's old, wicker, and wood, half round as you can see, and charming, I think, especially, so being as it was under $5. xxx tami
p.s. Upon meeting Paula and Jennifer, they've since become one of my first Sponsors. I highly suggest you visit their blog and shop, you won't be disappointed. 

P.S.S. I would like to thank the following ladies for recently featuring or linking up my blog on theirs, it's very much appreciated, girls! 
Sweet Michelle, of Emerald Cove 
My Ever So English Blogger Buddy, Sarah over at Modern Country Style 
And to Becky, the bomb! Over at Thoughtfully Blended Hearts 
You Girls Rock!!! 
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Project #3 2011

This project is for the "Animal Lover" in you.

If you've seen this done before, forgive me, I've not seen it on any other blog, but that's not to say this is an original idea. I've loved the pretty doggie treat bins I've seen in some of the stores and thought it might be fun to make my own. Plus, this is a great way to recycle.

So here we go, in 3 easy steps.

Step 1
Find a popcorn tin, or recycle one you've used. Make sure though, that the tin does not have a 3d design, meaning one that has impressed images on it, it must be smooth. I got mine at a junk shop for $2, and made sure there were no dings or dents.
Step two: Paint it, any color you fancy. I chose glossy white. 
 Step 3: After it's dry, simply stencil it. I chose my Dog's name, Kai. But you can stamp images on it, paw prints, etc. 

You can also use this for birdseed, cat food, anything really. The sky's the limit here, and it's super inexpensive and a fun project for the kids. This tin will hold dogfood for Kai. I also purchased an inexpensive plant holder on wheels so I can roll it around, but it was the wrong diameter, so I have to exchange it. You can also sit it atop a fancy iron plant stand if you like. Use your imagination, and be proud that you recycled.
Thank you for the well wishes, and kind comments. I am always touched by your sweet words. xxx tami
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RamSign Winner

Greetings All! We had a Wet Weekend here in California, lots and lots of rain! It's good for the garden, though. I havn't had much time for blogging lately as you may have noticed, but I want to thank everyone who participated in the RamSign giveaway. I'm a little under the weather this week, with a cold, but on the mend, and hope to have something fun for you all to enjoy this week.  As for tonight...

 This, is where I'll be sitting with my feet up, watching Kirsty Alley on Dancing with the Stars ;) How 'bout you?
That being said, I want to congratulate Alison of 
The Polo House
who said...

My house is a buttery white/yellow. I love it but my next door neighbors just painted theirs the exact same color. They even copied our black/green shutters! Oh well. I guess I am supposed to go with the old saying... that it is a form of flattery, right?

Sigh. :)
LOVE the house numbers! Sign me up.
Alison has a wonderful blog, by the way, I had a chance to take a peek, after she posted. If you have a chance, hop on over and say hello. 
By the way my pal Lou Lou is having a fun giveaway too, you can enter here
Be sure to browse her blog and check out her awesome makeovers, and upholstery projects, as well as incredible painted furniture.
She's a busy Mom, yet finds time to inspire us all. 
Thank you again to everyone, and also to those of you who email me regularly, you may not know, but I appreciate that so much! 

'Till next time, xxx tami 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Strength In Numbers....GiveAway!!!

Hello Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful week. I have been very busy at work, so I've not had much time to do as much visiting as I'd like. While checking my email though, the good people at RamSign contacted me to say they would love to give away one of their lovely house number signs to one of my readers! Isn't that awesome? 
And just look at the beautiful work they do...
I don't know about you, but my home could use an updated house number sign. And these are so pretty, the style has a certain vintage look, yet clean and sophisticated.
 This giveaway is open to everyone, all over the world, as RamSign ships internationally. How great is that?
 How do I win one of these lovely House Number Signs you might be asking?
It's simple, there are two steps...
1) Be or Become a follower of my blog.

2) Leave a comment in this post telling me the exterior color of your home, and if you're happy with it, or want to change it.
I'd also like to hear how you chose the color and why. 

It's that simple. 
The contest will run from  March 13th through March 20th with
the winner being announced on March 21st. 
Thanks to one and all for entering, I can't wait to hear from you!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hostess With The Mostess

Hello again...two posts in one week, my what ever has got into me?
Hehe, I guess taking a break from work has been good,
time to re-group, gather my senses, and even throw a little Tapas party for a few close friends.
I started with the invitation, I found the loveliest graphic from Karen over atThe Graphics Fairy

Then I used my trusty photoscape program (downloaded free) to add the info, like the where, when, etc. Next, simply saved it to disc, and had the copy shop print the amount of invites I needed, and cut them to size. Plopped them into some clearance red envelopes, and all total cost were only $4. Not bad for custom invites;)

We had a wonderful time, and I received some lovely hostess gifts like these Spring flowers. 

Pretty huh? 
And this ahem "liquid love" from another friend.

Oh, and you can see I am using the pitcher I got as suggested by my pal Pam to house some vintage flatware. Thanks Pam for the suggestion. 
By the way, do you recall my post entitled Paper Trail ?

Well, 3 weeks ago I finally got 'round to planting them, and Wow! They grow fast!
We were so intrigued that we could literally watch them grow before our eyes. I planted some in this pretty white urn/pot, thrifted for a couple bucks.

I really love them.

The others are in a different pot, so they're about half way grown in a week and half. They sure make a pretty statement.
I have a cute and fun project coming up very soon, I think you'll all like it. So stay tuned, and once again, thank you kindly for your sweet replies. xoxo tami
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Friday, March 4, 2011

Mood Enhancers

Good Evening One and All, I hope everyone has had a lovely day. 
It's Friday night here, and I have had a long day. I have been prepping for a Tapas party. Just a few close friends over for some wine, and good conversation with a few small bites. 
It's been an unusually warm day here, sun shining, feeling more like Summer than Spring. After running my errands I came home and the temp in the house was 69. No heat on, had to open a window. 

We're still on a Beachy High after our weekend to the Coast. I have not told you but when I go, I bring home a new shell or two, to add to my pretty bowl.

Keeping a bowl full of Sea Shells makes me feel good. Reminds me and my husband of home. And we like that. See the pretty Starfish? 

Those are the new ones, we added from this trip. I love the way they look. And feel, the texture is lovely.
Here's another treasure we found along the way.

A brown transferware pitcher, an antique. This also was to add to one of my collections. You may have already realized, I have too many collections;) The pattern spills over into the lip of the pitcher. Sorry the photo isn't very interesting, but I think the pattern speaks for itself. There were other lovely things we found on this last trip.
I'll share that later, as well as a fun project. By the way our table is nearly finished. I'll show it off very soon. Thank you for all the kind comments, I am ever so grateful. xoxo tami
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Eye Deliciousness

I have been M.I.A for a short while. We made a quick trip back home to Ventura County to visit Family. It's good for us both to breath in some Ocean Air in order to break up the ho humness of our every day life. 
While we are there we thrift until we can thrift no more! 
I hope you'll forgive me but I forgot to take any photos, I was too busy living in the moment. But I did manage to share these from other sites, to help give you a mental picture. 
We stopped in at my all time favorite antiques store, this photo does not do it justice. 

At this store you're greeted by a pretty white chippy wicker chair, with a fluffy floral pillow, and you enter in through an old screen door. The front windows are full of "eye deliciousness" white benches, baskets, a red painted frame with a chalk board inside, lots and lots to look at and be inspired by. I always am on my visits.

The city is filled with gorgeous Historic Homes, here are a couple I have seen on many occasion. 

There are charming cottages every where you go. Not to mention the Sea, the beautiful Shining Sea. Before we left we picked up our favorite lunch and stopped off at the Beach and ate outside on the sand, and walked along after, picking up pretty sand pebbles. One shaped like a heart. So...that's where I've been, and I am home now, with lots of treasures to sort through and luggage to put away. It's nice to get away, even for a few days. See you all very soon, xoxo tami
(photo credits, Squidoo, and American Home Antiques)
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