Monday, January 31, 2011

Here Comes The Sun

Little Darlin', it's been a long, cold, lonely winter...

 Little Darlin', it feels like years since it's been here
                                  Here comes the Sun...
                                                    Here comes the Sun...
                               And I's alright    
( Photos: High Street Cottage) ( Lyrics: George Harrison)
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Frugal Finds Past and Present

Last Summer while on a visit home my husband and I spent a great deal of time, hopping from one flea market to the next against the backdrop of a beautiful Ocean Community. We also got up early one Saturday and checked out some local yard sales. At one said yard sale I finally found what I've looked for for ages, an entire set of silverplate. It was a service for 10 complete, and even had some extra serving pieces a bit miss matched in a hidden drawer in the beautiful box it all came in. I got the entire set for a mere $30 and was so excited to take it home. 

 This charming petite stool is from a local craft and hobby store, just under $4 it was too sweet to pass up. I added a nest for a touch of Spring.

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Hopefully I'm on the mend and can kick this flu bug in the tush by Tuesday, see you then, xoxo tami

Danka Shoen

Darlings Danka Shoen...I wanna thank you for all the blog love you've shown...

Thank you all so much for the kind comments you've placed on my blog. It's the perfect "cheery up" ever.

I appreciate also all the new followers, and hope to keep things fun, and lively, as well as be somewhat inspiring so you all won't run off ;)
We will be opening our shop soon, I am so sorry about the delay, but we have been saving up all sorts of special treasures at affordable prices to pass on to all of you, so stay tuned on that. 
Also you can now translate my blog into your language by simply clicking on the google gadget to the right just under the archives:)
I was given a special award

so I want to thank Shelley from Calypso In The Country for giving me this honor. 
I'm told I am to tell you 7 things about myself so you can better get to know me, so here goes, but don't take this too seriously, I'm a bit loopy from cold meds ;)

 1) I am ticklish
2) I am a creature of habit, often choosing the same parking spot, the same foods at my favorite restaurants.
3) I am highly attracted to Red Heads, it's true, dare I say it's a fetish;)
4) I miss Daiquiri Ice from Baskin Robins (who says you can't combine a cocktail with ice cream?)
5) I try to make someone laugh each day
6) My dream job would be in advertising 
7) I havn't given up on my dream job :)
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I based my choices on the fact that these blogs are all somewhat new to me, and I've recently discovered them, most of my regular visited blogs have already received this award, so I wanted to share some of my new discoveries with you all. 
If you're on this list, and you are an "award free" blog, please pardon my error (again, blaming this on my loopy cold meds)

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Power Of Pink

Greetings One And All...I want to send each of you a big Thank You from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful response to my Hotel Bed and Breakfast Tray!!! It's very much appreciated! That was something I wanted to do for a while, and I just love how it turned out, and so glad you liked it too.
It's been very foggy, and damp here, downright gloomy, which I don't mind, but it makes driving around a bit of a nuisance. So I kept my outings this week, close to home. At my local Marshalls I did find something pretty, and useful, so I thought I would share.
This beautiful willow vintage style bottle carrier came with three pretty porcelain topped bottles, perfect for filling with your favorite drink, I just love it. We're planning a small tappas party soon, so it will come in handy.
The pretty pom pom top Mums were all marked down at the local grocery store, a huge pot for just $1.99
An incredible buy for such large blooms. I filled the bottles, for the photo, with a "Pink Drink" just for fun.
Nothing says girlie the like Pink.
I spotted this charming toile lavender pillow from Maria's new shop at Dreamy Whites, as most of you know, it has finally opened and well worth the wait. I saw it and knew it was perfect for my home. Her shop is full of amazing French Finds, and the quality is superb.
Hope you all have a wonderful week, keep warm, and take your vitamin C, it's cold season xoxo , tami

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hotel B&B Tray

This project was inspired by Mia's Blog
She's uber talented, with exceptional style.
I purchased this vintage bed tray for $1.69 over 15 years ago.
 Nothing wrong with it. Does the job. Blends in. No complaints.
Until I saw this photo on Mia's blog Lilla Blanka 
Over there in the corner by the window...See? It's beautiful. So I got inspired. I wanted to add a Hotel name to my tray. I wanted to add one of my favorite Hotels to make it more personal. So...I called my Friend, and he made a beautiful stencil for me. And sent it, with instructions on how to use it, as it's not a normal crafty stencil.
I think it turned out lovely...don't you?
I didn't want to use a harsh black paint. So we toned it down with a bit of cream to give it a faded look. Like what you see on my French pillow in the background.
 I think this tray went from boring to beautiful, and it's all thanks to some bloggie inspiration. 
 Thank you Mia for your inspiration. Thank you J...for the wonderful stencil and letter styling. Thank you to my hubby for helping me with this project. And for my future "Breakfast in Bed" xxx
 By the way this sweet little bench at the foot of the bed is another vintage thrifted find. Years ago at a yard sale. The owner actually lowered the price after quoting me a higher amount because her "ex-boyfriend made it, and she hates him". So I gladly took it off her hands;) For a mere $3.

The cushion that sits atop was another fantastic deal at a vintage shop for $1. 
I'm linking up this week to a very special blog. Sarah over at
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I think no introduction is needed as she is very well known. She is probably the one person who inspired me to start my own blog. It's a link party with very little rules ( I like your style Sarah). Be sure to check it out, fun will ensue, I'm certain.
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See you all soon. After today I am back to work, ho hum. xxx tami

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Shabby Chic Party Keg

Not really...Just a pretty white enamel beverage cooler. This was another thrifted find, just $5, still holding on to it's original price tag from Gottchalks. Regular price...$35
 I call that a $30 savings, don't you? Even if we count sale prices, I'm sure I saved a good $20 ;)
Of course we had to try it out...there were all these Tangerines, and Vodka, we were obligated no?
Yep, no leaks. Keeps the "Bevies" nice and cold. Can't wait for Summer. You'll find this little beauty poolside;)

I want to extend a warm welcome to all of you who've recently joined my blog. Your membership is greatly appreciated. Be sure to check out my "giveaway" page. Also, I hope to open my shop soon. It's taking a bit longer than I hoped, but I assure you there will be lots of vintage thrifted items, not at all over priced. Thank you also to all of you who regularly support my blog with your comments, emails, and encouragement. Sending you all warm hugs from Sunny California, xoxo tami 
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tulips and Kisses

Some tulips followed me home

Knee deep in flowers we'll stray
We'll keep the showers away
And if I kiss you in the garden, in the moonlight
Will you pardon me?
And tiptoe through the tulips with me 

This Weekend's Inspiration is found at:
Maleviks Rosentragard 
Funky Junk Interiors 

I let them stay in the painted urn my husband gave me, another $1 find, they are happy:)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

La Petite Cloche

While on one of my thrifting adventures I picked up this pretty glass dome for $1.00. I'm sure it was meant to go in one of those fancy iron candle sconces. But it was turned upside down on the shelf and reminded me of a pretty petite cloche. Suffice it to say it came home with me. Now...what to put in it. Trust me after a long day at work, I wasn't feeling very creative. So I left it on the table a while. Then I remembered my pretty little Eiffel Tower paperweight (another bargain for .75cents). It has the word Paris on it, and is tiny, sitting on a pretty piece of white marble. It was the perfect size.

I matched it all up with one of my vintage saucers. Now, china saucers sans their teacups are a bit like single socks left in the dryer. But when they're as pretty as this one, you don't toss it out. You save it for the day you'll figure out when and where and how to use it. This one is a very old vintage Taylor Smith and Taylor piece and I wish I had a few more items in this pretty rose pattern.

  In this photo we removed the summer slipcover to reveal "what lies beneath".

We've had the same sofa for 11 years now, and it's still comfy, cozy. We went with Bassett, and chose good quality, over stuffed. So it's held up over the years and still looks new. What's under your Cloche?
Let me know xoxo tami
Incidentally it's time to choose another random comment winner. For this giveaway I chose from my"Paper Trail" post
 Congrats to Michelle from Emerald Cove
You've won this Pretty Shabby Chic Ironing Board Pad. Michelle please email me with your contact information, and I'll pop it in the post.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Antique Bed

Just a little teaser...I did a bit of fluffing in my guest room. We added some larger white pillows for extra softness, and to give the bed more of a comfy feel. I have saved up many a thrifted pillow shams and covers in white over the last year, designer ones as well. All I picked up for no more than $2.00, gave them a good washing, and stuffed them with feather downs. The large French Feedsack pillow is from Tracey at French Larkspur she has an incredible shop. We're all familiar with her beautiful blog. The weather has been dark and gloomy here, so I couldn't get a good shot of my bed. I added an antique finish for this quick pic, however I'll take more photos later, as well as finish a pretty project to go in the room, and I'll be picking up some new drapes today. See you all back on Wednesday, xoxo tami
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Show and Tell

Tonight I wanted to share a pretty little necklace I won from Jenna over at The Wannabe Cottage
She was giving away a lovely necklace from CMVISION Jewelry
It arrived in a pretty package with a lovely note from the designer Cong.

She even included a coupon code for future purchases. Which I happily used. Her items are adorable.
If you have a chance stop by The Wannabe Cottage and take a look around, Jenna's done some amazing things in her lovely home. Which recently survived a tornado. Yes. Jenna bravely endured a frightening ordeal, and is now putting her little cottage back together. Some of her lovely work in her cottage was destroyed. But she's picked up the pieces and is back at her blog and her decorating.
Also if you would like to check out Cong's jewelry, here is the link again, CMVISION Jewelry
I'll be back on Wednesday to show you my latest thrifted find, and  "what lies beneath" ;) xoxo tami

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Paper Trail

Having recently fallen madly in love with all the Paperwhites I'm seeing around blogland, I put them on my shopping list.
In the meantime on one of my lunch/thriftshop hop breaks I spotted a hidden treasure on a shelf behind all the mismatched cups and saucers. It's the most perfect soup tureen, in pure white, without a chip, sans the lid, but that's ok, as I knew exactly how I would use this little beauty.

So with company coming, and an empty soup tureen sitting on my table (lest they think I'm serving soup) I set out on the hunt for some fully grown Paperwhites. On a very rainy Friday. I stopped off at Lowes only to find they had covered all the plants as it was cold and rainy and they were closing early. ( did I mention it was the last day of the year?) I was about to give up when I spotted a tall rack covered in a green tarp, so I poked my head inside, and found  the prettiest Orchids ever, and on clearance none the less :) A mere $5.00. They looked as if they needed a rescue so I took them home. I won't say I settled as they are simply stunning sitting in my $5.00 soup tureen. Which gives me a total cost of just $10.00 for this pretty plant that will last as long as my gardening skills improve;)

I didn't give up on my beloved Paperwhites though, and while on a recent visit to Marshalls, thank you Michelle of Shell's Shabby Shack for reminding me about their year end clearance sale, I spotted these.

I am going to do my homework before just diving in to planting.

We also found this pretty burlap basket made of a vintage looking chicken wire, I think it's perfect.

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