Saturday, November 26, 2011

You had me at hello...

Or otherwise known as how I discovered the blog world.
I've always, always been a "decorator". My Barbie house was amazing when I was a child, mod, wonderfully decorated made from a cardboard box a castle ;)  Flash forward to the 2009,  a simple search on my laptop for white slip covered sofa and I stumbled upon this photo.
 Which led me to This Blog
And that led me to a slew of other blogs, and the discovery that there are lots and lots of ladies with the same interests I have. And the same love of all things Vintage, Chippy, Old, Thrifty and Shabby. 
So here are a few of my all time very favorite blogs, the ones I visit most often, and the ones that inspire me over and over again:
Canadian Cottage 
 I fell in love with Janice's simple clean Farmhouse style, everything she does turns out perfectly. I've never exchanged emails, or spoke to her at all, but am a huge fan of her pretty blog.
And then there is Sandy

 I think this photo nearly says it really have to see the inside of this amazingly tiny cottage! Sandy is soooo inspiring with her talents, and those Red Wellies you see...are not just for show, she wears them to cross the pretty stream that leads to her tiny cottage studio.
Carol Spinski

Quite simply the way I would photograph if I knew how to photograph:)
These are but a few, that have led me to you:) 
Who inspires you?


  1. I am so inspired by Tausha from the blog Simply Me ~ (LOVE her style and she is a good friend now!)
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!Hugs, Rachel :)

  2. I love Janice`s blog and had the pleasure of visiting her new house which is a farmhouse in the city. Truly lovely.

    I will head over to the other blogs to check them out.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.

  3. Oh I just headed on to the house of miss with the red wellies!!!! Amazed and inspired. yes, she is now my fav too.

    Thanks for sharing. Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving :)

  4. Love to find new blogs...thanks!
    One of the first blogs I found was Tara Frey's which led me to her book then eventually to my own blog! Big fan of Fiona and Twig and of course Chez Fifi!

  5. Your entry into blog land seems very much like mine. I googled Coastal Decor and the rest is history.

  6. YOU inspire me, girlie! :) But I adore Maria's blog (dreamywhites), Lara's (airkiss), and Rosemary's (ozmaofodds), too. Have you seen all of the ones on my sidebar...? I can hardly wait to visit them during the week, not to mention the friends I've made via blogging! ♥ Oh, and thank you for the link to Carol Spinski's blog, too! I want to try to make some of those boho cuff wraps. :)

    xoxo laurie

  7. SOO many inspirations out in the blogs!! I adore your inspirations too~Happy Saturday!!

  8. Just discovered your blog...and your comments rang so true! I used to buy magazines, now all I do is visit my online friends for inspiration, will look forward to visiting your recommended blogs!

  9. I love Sandy and Sarah's blogs. I also love Courtney's French country Cottage, Common Ground, Between Naps on the Porch, Shabby Creek Cottage, Funky Junk Interiors and so many more. There is such a great selection of inspiring blogs!

  10. Yes Simone, who needs magazines when there are these wonderful blogs to inspire us? And High Street Cottage is lovely, I might add!!

  11. Wow, I am seeing a pattern here! I stumbled onto Julia's "Hooked On Houses" and that was all she wrote- I was hooked!
    Thank you- this was a fun post, a sort of "meet and greet!"
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  12. Oh gosh, almost everyone in blogland inspires me - including YOU! :) Melinda @Alabaster Rose Designs Inspires me - she is the sweetest and most darling person too! I also really adore Jo @Secret Garden Cottage and of course Tricia @A Rosy Note. There are just too many others to mention, but I hear ya on clicking links that lead you to other links, etc.! ;) Happy Holidays to you!!! And thank you also for your friendship and continued inspiration here in blogland! :)


  13. Well, you do, of course!

    Seems that we read several of the same blogs and I will have to check out the others that you mention.....

    I love to see what everyone does and is up to, but I don't think I really "duplicate" much of what I see.

    I think I am looking more for the inspiration of the actual DOING than trying to look like everyone else....

    Does that make sense?

  14. Thank you for these inspiring links. I think it's interesting how people get started blogging and what inspires them.

    So thank you for sharing.
    You have a lovely blog here.

    Best wishes


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