Thursday, December 1, 2011

Preview 2012

What's coming up at the High Street Cottage for the year end 2011 and the new year 2012?
There will be a Bedroom reveal! Yep, I'll let you inside my most private room...where it all happens!

Hehe, they always say that on t.v. when they have home tours of the stars;)
I'll also be painting, yes, painting my kitchen tile! Ohhh we're brave! We may or may not do it ourselves, our friend put us in touch with a company that does it for less, and guarantees their work, I mean can you really go wrong with white to begin with?

 Incidentally, the oven you see in this photo was my all time best thrifted find at just $65.00, originally $2000 it works perfectly and we've had it now a year and a half!

Then before any of that happens we'll be having a year end giveaway, so please stay tuned as there will be 3 winners! Yep 3! 
Please stop back by soon to see what the prizes are. Just to say thanks again for a fun filled year here at the High Street Cottage!
Oh by the way, my booth is doing fairly well, many of you have emailed me with congrats and kind words, and that is very much appreciated! In the coming year also I plan on linking up two or three blogs I fancy in my posts, I really feel the need to give back to all you wonderful ladies who do so much to inspire us all to make our spaces the best that they can be! See you soon, tami
Please visit the following outstanding blogs:
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  1. Looking forward to seeing your kitchen tile makeover...thanks for coming to my party...I always luv seeing you here:)


  2. I can't wait to see your painted tiles. Sounds like you'll have a fun filled 2012.

  3. Ohhh looking forwared to the bedroom reveal and the painted tiles too :)

  4. Okay! I loved this post of yours. Where it all happens. Hahahaha. I'm quite intrigued about the bedroom- love the pillows

    And a question: What is the type of color you'll use to paint tiles? Acrylic emulsion?

  5. I am so excited to see your new projects revealed!


    Art by Karena

  6. Can't wait to see the reveal! That was an outstanding deal on that oven. Wow!

  7. How exciting - can't wait to see everything when it's done! Happy December to you :O)

  8. When will we see photos of your booth??!!??

    Soon, I hope!

    Can't believe I have read you now for almost a year.....

    It sure has been fun.

    Can't wait to see what 2012 brings!

    And to see the big reveal of your bedroom!


  9. I adore the pillows! I'm a huge fan of flowery pillows. I think that is perfect for my condo. :)

    condo in Philippines

  10. GREAT steal of the century! i do love a bargain. that table is gorgeous - can't wait to see the bedroom redo.

  11. Ohhhh I can't wait, it is going to be so pretty! You are too kind to link me, thank you :)
    Have a fabulous weekend!


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