Monday, September 26, 2011

Tami's Target Treasures

Wanna see what I found on my little treasure hunt this morning?
Some awesome stuff, that you can get for yourself too, at your local Target.

How cool is this footstool? Hmm...I see more and more "blog creativity" being sold in the mass markets now. Flattery I tell ya.

 Love the bottles, they're more fantastic looking in person. I'm a sucker for green, anyway. I still have a huge green bottle lamp with a large french number on it, from Target, via a thrift shop, I'm planning on using as a bottle and not a lamp.
 Speaking of lamps...may I say...this one's a beauty!
While I was at Target I picked up some gorgeous grain sack kitchen towels with French writing. I'm planning on a sewing project if I ever get a bit of free time. 
Happy shopping, tami

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  1. They are all fabulous treasures. I love them all. Hugs, Marty

  2. Gosh, I didn't know Target had all these wonderful things. Love the little stool.


  3. Hi Tami! I love your finds and I had no idea that Target had these!! I will have to go see.
    I hope you are well and enjoying your week.

  4. Love it, I saw them on TV and need to check them out at Target.....

  5. Tami,
    Oh yes...I found these in Target last week and got one of the towels! Thanks for sharing the info at NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAY!


  6. I swear RH, Target and Pottery Barn stalk our pictures, DIY's and go their merry way, laughing all the way to the bank.

  7. meant to add, I've been upholstering small benches for 5 plus years ... They are actually behind ... heehee

  8. Hi Ann, Oh I agree 100%! They def stalk, lurk, and use all the ideas they find here and in junk shops. I've got a foot stool in my home I've upholstered five times! And one that I had professionally done as it matches my favorite chair. But they know what's in by peeping fab blogs like yours for sure!

  9. I saw all of this stuff at Target today too. I love this new line!


  10. I'm trying to stay out of there. Don't want to spend money, and don't want to pack anything else I don't have to. But oh, such beauty!

  11. What!?! I was just at Target! Well ... I guess I'm going back. Thanks for the heads up.

    Your blog is beautiful.


  12. I just saw that little stool at Target myself. It is a beauty.

  13. Ok.....I think I see a Target shopping spree in my future, Tami! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  14. Great heads up about Target! You picked up some very pretty treasures!

  15. I saw them at our target a couple of weeks ago< my mouth dropped and I was in awwww! French at Target?? I love that all things French are inspired even at Target now. Were you like in Awww as well when you spotted them as well.
    Love the french hand towels as well.

    Thank you for sharing :)

  16. Tami isn't Target smart, or what, they are just checking us out all the time!! I would have been amazed, I will have to see what's new!


    Art by Karena

  17. Totally love your all your Target treasures!! How gorgeous!! Love those bottles!!

  18. Love it all! And I know the French grain sack towels you're talking about....just bought myself a few as well.

  19. I saw the commercial showing this...need to get there before those stools are all scooped up!

  20. hi tami!
    sounds like i need to get to target!
    such cute finds and i am loving those green bottles!
    thanks for sharing.
    love all the ruffles and slipcovers on your last post too. lovely!

  21. Wow, what great finds! So often, when Target jumps on a trend bandwagon, they get it right, and get it right they did! I love those bottles.
    Thanks for sharing!

  22. Fun stuff! The green bottles are fab! I guess grain sacks are now everywhere!

  23. I already bought the Target grain sack tea towels, so I am going there today to see what else I can find.

  24. Love the stool and bottles! Thanks for sharing I have not been to Target in a while, Laura Cottage and Broome

  25. I'm drooling!!! I have no Target nearby (over 3 hours away) but maybe it's time for a road trip. All of these finds are divine.

    Happy Autumn!!

  26. I love shopping at Target - they have something for everyone here in my fam! Love what you have posted. BTW, this is my first time on your blog and I'm enjoying reading your posts - I am your newest follower. :) Have a most wonderful day!


  27. Don't you just love Target? I saw these, but I was in a hurry and I didn't get them- big mistake! They haven't been back yet! I am happy to see them here! I love the stool! Fabulous treasures! I'm a new follower; I love your blog!

  28. I have seen these on their commercial! SO pretty!! I wanna get the stool for my bedroom. Love it! I just found your blog and started following. Come by and check me out sometime.

  29. I LOVE Target! I just wish there was one closer to my home than an hour away. Boo hoo...:)
    I picked up some of those towels too...will create something with them as well.

  30. How lovely!!! I'm wishing we had a Target near me!! I love the lamp, especially. What a great shade!!

    Big hug to you,

  31. I am headed to Target right now!! I wonder what they will have for Christmas?

    I am your newest follower and would love for you to follow me.
    I also added you to my favorite blog list!
    Have a wonderful day!

  32. These are great finds and SOLD OUT at our Target.

  33. Tami, you have really creative mind. Your finds are great and Those all are fabulous treasures, I just found your blog and started following, Hope you will share more creative work with us.


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