Monday, August 22, 2011

Do you ever?

Challenge yourself?
You know, like, see if you can throw together a simply fab dinner without running out to the market?
Or freshen up the look of a room by changing out a pillow or two?
I do this a lot. 
With company coming and no time for a trip to the store, I decided to "shop" for flowers in my own garden. Not easy considering we're at the end of Summer and the blooms are looking pretty pathetic.

But somehow I managed to find a few pretties that will do.

I use my tureen a lot, it's large and makes a nice statement on my little stand in "sideboard".

I also like to fill a few pitchers and even votives with what ever I have, roses, hydrangeas, etc.
This sort of challenge is rather fun... not to mention economical ;)


  1. My flowers are pretty much dead at the moment!

  2. I love your style and your flowers. I've been remiss this summer with planting flowers although I do have some beautiful cone flowers. My favorites are gerbera daisies. Next year I've got to start a cutting garden. I'm adding you to my blog.

  3. I like using different containers for flowers but I never thought to use my tureen...and it doesn't get a lot of use in the summer! Thanks for the inspiration!!


  4. Great Idea!! I still have some flowers that have not been ravaged by time & my ornamental grasses are just starting to put on their full growth!! They make wonderful arrangements!

  5. Great photos.. and great idea

  6. I still have some zinna and marigolds blooming, but my dahlia still have not. Great time of year to get a second cut from the them dried.

  7. Hi Tami! It looks so pretty and I do the same thing from time to time to switch things up. It is kind of fun to shop your own home. :)
    I hope you are doing well and your toe is healing. :)
    Enjoy your week my friend!

  8. Everything is so pretty and so welcoming! Xoxoxo

  9. Looks so pretty, Tami. I have lots of hydrangeas right now and I like to bring them in and make use of them. Hope you're doing well :)

  10. This looks so pretty and the best part is that it didn't cost anything. x Sharon

  11. Lovely photos of the hydrangeas, and hey, you can't beat the price ;P

  12. Hi Tami, Your Hydrangeas look lovely, I always think there such lovely plants even when the flowers are fading..and then you have them dried for the house in winter too x

  13. Beautiful vignettes, Tami! My flowers are on their last legs, too. Looking pretty sickly and pale right now...except for my catmint. It looks good right up through the autumn. And the hydrangeas are gorgeous right now, aren't they? :)

    xoox laurie

  14. Well, you certainly did better than I would have.


    I think I could scrounge up a few dried up daisy stalks and one {yes, one} tiny yellow tiger lily.

    An interesting bouquet, for sure.

    Yes, you definitely did much better!


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