Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Winner and a Thank You

The time has come (finally, it's been a looong week!) to announce our Pretty in Pearls winner. 

But first I want to say Thank you to Pam Quinn for sponsoring such a sweet giveaway and for this...
I woke up one morning last week to find a small box on my dining room table and this is what was inside...

 I love it, Pam! I wore it with my vintage floral dress, and it was the perfect compliment.

Thank you again, xxx
That being said, our winner is:
          Kimberly of The Sterling Cherub

Who Commented: 
I adore her turquoise bracelet set as those are my favorite colors, and am IN LOVE with the grey pearl set -- so classy and lovely, would be perfect for me to wear to work as I have so many gray and black work clothes (law firm = conservative)

Congratulations Kimberly!!!
Simply email me with your contact info and I'll pass it along to Pam

I'll be back tomorrow, with a new post, and also get back to our random giveaways, which means simply by replying to any of my posts normally, you're entered into a giveaway for May, so you never know when your comment will be the winner,  and I've got something very pretty for the prize.
Thank you also to those of you who are new and following, it's greatly appreciated, and to those who already were, enjoy your day, tami


  1. Congratulations Kimberly! Lucky girl! :)

  2. Hooray for Kimberly...and you, too!!


  3. OMG, Tami and Pam, I WON!

    I am smiling through tears right now as I type this while on a break at work. It's been a really rough day; actually, it been a really rough couple weeks and this has just lifted my spirits so much, you have no idea!

    Tami, that purple bead and pearl bracelet is gorgeous; Pam does such beautiful work!

    Thank you both so much for this giveaway. I am thrilled to have won and cannot wait to receive that gorgeous pearl set!



  4. Yay!!!! Congrats to the winner!!!! Xoxoxo

  5. Congrats to the winner and how sweet of Pam! They are so pretty. :)

  6. A big - and grudging - well done to Kimberley!! I'm really pleased for her...and so sad for me. *sob* !!!!

    This was an awesome giveaway, Tami. Thank you so much for the opportunity for entering.

    Biiiiiiiig hug to you,



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