Monday, April 4, 2011


This week just a quick, simple post to share one of our Summer Finds. Well, one, and a peek of the other. 
This Urn was only a few dollars at a local yard sale last summer, when an entire block held a neighborhood sale. 
This is just me, but I do like to have things that are "real". Meaning, not plastic etc. When it comes to my pots or urns, I do like them to be either cement or a plaster, or terra cotta. Not light weight plastic. I just like the "old world" feel of them.
 We'll fill this Urn with some sort of colorful plant that vines. 
It sits atop a very old Farmhouse Table we bought at the same sale. We plan on sprucing up our very large gazebo for outdoor dining. I love the rustic wood planks on the table (which I'll share later). I'll be linking this post up to a few parties this week. xxx tami


  1. Great find! Love the shape and the chippy white!

  2. Beautiful urn! I love real things too! There are just some things one cannot fake! This makes me excited to plant!

  3. Wonderful looking urn you have here...hop over and share her at NTT! It came today...I'm soooo excited...while Mr.CC watches the basketball game, I will be drooling all over all the beautiful pics...thank you so much...I will be doing a post about after NTT.


  4. I know what you mean about liking things that are "real" I'm the same way. That urn is pretty though :)

  5. I love those neighborhood yard sales!

    Kinda like one-stop shopping.....

    And lucky you to find such a nice urn!

    {I'm with ya on the plastic stuff!}

    Can't wait to see what you plant in there...

    And to see more of that table!!!

  6. Wow, Tami, that's a REAL find. Those are reeeeeeeally expensive here in the shops. I looked into getting a couple recently....and nearly fell of my chair in surprise. How much? Okay, you can call me a cheapskate now!!!

    But I'm totally with you on the quality. I don't like to skimp on quality for statement pieces ike this. I think it shows in the finished look.

    You're SO lucky finding this. I am BURNING up with jealousy!!!! :-)


  7. Tami, your urn is so pretty! I can't wait to see what you plant in it. :D

    Ricki Jill

  8. Gorgeous urn. I love the real thing too. They just cannot be compared to the new plastic ones. I also love the old iron ones. Especially if they are rusted!!! ~~Sherry~~

  9. I want one!!

    insert pout-y face

  10. OMG, I am the same as you! I dislike "fake" stuff so much, don't care how pretty or cute something is. If I pick up a pretty figurine, for example, because it looks like porcelain, I will put it back immediately if it turns out to be resin (I HATE resin!). Same with those beautiful scrolly mirrors and frames -– if they look like carved wood and turns out they are plastic or “syroco wood” I put them down, refuse to purchase them.

    You scored nicely with the urn! It’s gorgeous, and something I would definitely have in my yard (if I but had a yard!). A friend of mine gifted me with an extremely heavy cement urn that is rather squat, but has lion-head carvings on the sides – I can’t part with it and keep it because it’s “real”!

  11. I'm the same way, when it comes to garden stuff I enjoy the real thing (however I do have to confess I own a few of the "plastic" type also. They have come a lonnnng way in the past few years, some are hard to tell the difference)

    Can't wait to see your outdoor space, sure hope you take lots of photos for us!

  12. Hi Tami! The urn is fabulous and what a great deal. I am looking forward to seeing your gazebo decorated.

  13. I find that to many things that are decorations are made out of plastic these days. I know it's cheap but it just didn't look or feel the same. I try to get art now that is made of metal or wood.


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