Thursday, April 14, 2011


I've been asked to define my blog.
This is no easy task, I'm not sure I could define myself.
Everything you need to know...

Is all there in the Header.


Defining my style over at Sarah's (aka the Mrs.) at Modern Country Style for her party "Define Your Blog" 


  1. Hello you,

    You TOTALLY undersell your gooooorgeous blog, you wicked girl!!! You should say that your amazing style oozes out of of every corner of everything that you ever post. That your writing is warm and funny. That you're so friendly and kind.

    And that's just for starters!!


  2. The Mrs!!!! I love that!! You're lovely, lovely, lovely. xx
    I think I want every single one of your cushions that I've ever seen here posted on your blog. Gorgeous!!


  3. Hello there dear! I totally agree with Sarah!!!! I LOVE your blog and you! You are so creative, inspiring and every post you have just makes me smile from ear to ear!! Why today at Sarah's I saw this little "Erm" and I smiled and had to come right over and then I smiled even bigger because it was you!! I love your title :) Tami, my friend you are so real and such a wonderful friend and your blog spills love every time I come for a visit. Thank you!

  4. Hi,
    I am joining Sarah's lovely party from my vintage apartment in Chicago. So glad you joined, too.


    Gg - Notes on the Journey
    Link #26

    ps. love, love the blue egg cups.

  5. And that there in your header is why I love your blog!


  6. You had me at ERM... LOL! I think your style is spoken in each and every post you do. I've always loved the title of your blog, as well. I think it's very fitting. I think a lot of us have found our style through blogging and it's great when we find our niche. I always look forward to stopping by. You are very genuine!

  7. Hi!

    I think you have defined your blog just like it is and I like it very much!

    Sari from Puumuli

  8. Not *even* going over there to try....I probably need to be more focused....

  9. How lovely. Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog. Glad we connected. Take care Anu

  10. Your blog is very pretty and gorgeous, I agree. It is full of beautiful things. Your pictures tell it like it is as they are so perfect. x

  11. I've really enjoyed your blog since I started following. You are a sweet and funny person and always have interesting things to post. Keep it up!


  12. Who needs words when your photos ooze such perfect style! LOL! Love your blog, love your personality, love your style. I keep hoping it will rub off on me each time I stop by!

  13. I agree with Sarah, you are underselling yourself and your beautiful blog! I love visiting your little space and seeing what you're up to :)


  14. I think I know exactly what you mean when you say "I'm not sure I could define myself"...

    Maybe that is why we get along so good.


    I think you define everything you mention in your header, not to mention just being a very nice person.

    And by the way...I want your egg cups.

  15. Dear Tami... thank you for your sweet words and for visiting my little slice of Blogovia and becoming a Supporter. Oh goody, the Violet Bottle Stoppers aren't yet online for sale so there's still a chance I might score some!?! *winks* Lemme know when the Shop is up and running so that I can behold all the eye candy! Treasures from the Sea have always captivated me, I swear I need Conch Shell Collecting Therapy... if they ever do an episode on Hoarders for extreme Shell Collecting... I might make my screen debut?!! *LOL*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  16. I was drawn to your blog header and then started reading down through your posts. You are fits this blog perfectly:)


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