Friday, February 18, 2011

Winner and a new Giveaway

Well, Spring is fast on it's way and will be here before we know it!
Soon, I'll moan about the heat of Summer and be grumpy, for a few months. I'll complain I miss the Ocean. But it's ok.
We were on a little treasure hunt the other day, and I found these Darling French plates, from France. They're just right for a piece of cake. 
They've got lovely pink roses on them, with pretty green leaves. Sorry the photos are not clearer. 
By the way, many of you asked about the pattern on my silverplate I picked up at a yard sale, here it is...
It's not overly ornate, just simple, elegant. I really like it.  After our treasure hunt we stopped by the park, it was so pretty outside. Lots of families there, children playing on the swingsets
Yes indeed, Spring is in the air!
Oh, by the way, I owe you all an apology, I will have to choose a winner for my comment giveaway on Monday, this is a very busy three days for me and I want to add to the item I am giving away to make it fun. So please bear with me and I'll announce a winner on Monday.

Speaking of Spring,  Giveaways, and Winners, CSN stores is sponsoring a giveaway on my blog. The winner will receive a $25.00 gift card to their online store. How cool is that?
If you would like a chance to win, simply comment on this very post. And let me know if you had a swingset growing up, or if you have any fond memories of swingsets 
I'll chose a winner for the CSN gift card from among the commenters on Monday Feb 21st
At CSN there are so many items to choose from , from  swingsets
to cookware, I'm sure you'll find something you fancy;)
Also, many of you asked about this pretty wire basket from my last post, thank you, I'm glad you like it, I've had it longer than I can remember. I think it was at one time a hanging basket for flowers and I spotted it at a thrift shop for 69cents and brought it home to hold magazines. Inspired by the lovely blogs I visit, I decided to use it to hold my new pillows for the photo.
So, basically, comment here for the CSN giveaway and check back Monday, as I'll choose two winners. One for CSN, and one out of my regular commenters for a fun prize. 
I'll also have some photos to show you of a fun project I'm beginning. I found something very very pretty to share with you all. See you then;)

Thank you to all of you who are following my blog, and for all the wonderful comments. Have a lovely warm weekend, one and all, xoxo tami


  1. i didnt have a swingset growing up but we lived right by the park and that usually where i was.
    my kids have their own swingset now
    tcogbill at live dot com

  2. i think your basket may be one that's lined with moss, then filled and planted ~ you've done a lovely creative alternative & great cushion prop ")
    swingset? absolutely! in fact it probably was the motivation to make sure i had one for my own children !!
    luving your tea plates !

  3. just found your blog, and its so romatic, lovely flowers and beautiful pillows..have a great day/marie

  4. Such sweet little plates. And may I say that I love your header. (Er, I think you bloggers call them banners.)

  5. Lovely post & giveaway! Your dishes are so sweet!

  6. I can sure use some more shopping money. Pick me pick me!

  7. My friend and I would play for hours on her swing. It was next to her plum trees... we would put a huge sheet over the top of the frame and play shops... We would pick up the bruised plums from the floor and pretend we were selling them.. we would open them up and say it was a fish shop and wrap them up in newspapers... ahhh how easily we were amused... if only my kids had the same imaginations! Lx

  8. Lovely! THanks for the chance.

    The first off of a swing, I felt like I was flying.

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. Hello my dear!! We did have a swingset growing up, our poor grandparents had to push us on the swings ALL OF THE TIME hahaha, I have completely forgottten about that until I read this post :) Have a fabulous weekend! Xoxoxo

  10. Wonderful photos!!;) Rachel
    French Farmhouse 425

  11. Thanks for the nice giveways! My two sisters, brother and I loved our swingset growing up. I will always remember getting bit by a bee while swinging, and my father putting mud on the bite. It worked like a charm!

  12. Yes, I had a swing set growing up and I spent many hours on it. Even as a teenager I would go outside and sit on the swing to get away from my parents.

  13. I love the silver, that pattern is so elegant and simple.. I love your style! And the plates are just beautiful Tami, you find the best treasures! I did have a swingset growing up but you couldn't swing too high otherwise it would tip over!! :) They didn't make them like they do now!! Thank you for the chance to win and I can't wait to see what you are working on!

  14. I just surfed in here for the first time...great bog!!! Milkglass, old silver and wire have it all...think I'll be back!!!
    Have a beautiful weekend!!!

  15. I had a single homemade wooden swing hung from the clothesline pole by rope.....

    But my best friend across the street had a "real" swingset and we spent hours and hours on it. There was a wild rose growing up by the slide!

    Your French plates are so cute!!! And that silverware....ooooweee! Very, very nice!

    What time should I be over for that cake you mentioned?!?

  16. I, too, had a single home-made swing hung from the clothesline pole by two ropes! I loved that swing and spent many happy hours on it--even as a kid I hated bugs and that was one place the creepy-crawlies couldn't "get" me!!! Going to a park and swinging on the big swings with my 4 siblings was a real treat because you could give "underducks," play "spider" and even stand on the swings to go really high! How I loved to swing!!! Now, years later, I can get myself dizzy in a rocking chair if I rock too fast!!!

  17. We didn't have a swing set as such, but we had a swing strung up between 2 very tall trees. We could swing so high it felt as though we were flying! Thinking back now - it was probably quite dangerous, but has wonderful memories. Looking forward to your fun project! XX

  18. The basket is perfect for so many things, but I love your pillows in it!!


  19. Your plates are gorgeous. I like the border on them! And of course the pink and green of the flowers are my favorite shades of the two colors :D Score! I want to go out to some sales this weekend. You are inspiring me!

  20. Hi sweet pea,

    Another giveaway? I can't keep up with your generosity!!

    By the way, I bought a book the other day called Country Escapes (gorgeous!) and it made me think of you. A lot of the florals are just what you like, I think.

    Swingset-wise, I remember trying to make my swing go over the top of the bar!! I never did it but I got pretty high!


  21. I am 60 something and still love to swing! When I was a young girl I would swing and swing, with my body almost parallel with the ground so my hair would drop down and fly in the breeze. What wonderful memories. And what a GREAT GIVEAWAY. Do enter me...plz! I can be reached via email at

  22. I have such fond memories of spending hours swinging in my backyard. I think every child deserves a swingset!

  23. I had a swingset growing up and I have so many memories! I spent many hours outdoor because of that.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Hi, I just wanted to say you have a very pretty blog! I especially love the French pillows in several of your pics. When will your store open?? I can't wait to see it. I've added you to my blog list so I can remember to visit again next time you update. Can't wait for spring!!


  25. I just found your blog. You are a girl after my own heart.
    I love to swing, especially on an old fashioned tire swing attached to a big oak tree. Now that I have 3 little one's of my own, we enjoy this "hobby" together!!

  26. hello my dear friend, how lovely it sounds with the spring in the air. Here is lots lots of snow and freezing cold.
    Your rosy pictures are so beautiful. Hugs in a lot to you / Ingela.

  27. We had a swing set that my Dad had made for us. It had a swing, a glider,a slide, a teeter totter, and a full sized bench swing. My parents would swing with us on warm summer evenings. We'd be outside on the swings until well after dark. The crickets would be singing and the stars twinkling above us and we'd talk about our day. It's one of my favorite memories of my childhood.

  28. Thanks for the giveaway! I love!!! that silverware! We didn't have a swingset but I loved swinging at the playground at school--back when everything was dangerous and all-metal, and the slides were long and the swings were high!

    eemoody77 at gmail dot com

  29. I too love the wire basket, as far as the swing set growing up, I am going to be 68 in May so there wasn't anything like that in our neighborhood, but my grandpa had a tire swing in a big oak tree at their place.

  30. The silverware is so pretty but I love the wire basket!


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