Saturday, January 8, 2011

Show and Tell

Tonight I wanted to share a pretty little necklace I won from Jenna over at The Wannabe Cottage
She was giving away a lovely necklace from CMVISION Jewelry
It arrived in a pretty package with a lovely note from the designer Cong.

She even included a coupon code for future purchases. Which I happily used. Her items are adorable.
If you have a chance stop by The Wannabe Cottage and take a look around, Jenna's done some amazing things in her lovely home. Which recently survived a tornado. Yes. Jenna bravely endured a frightening ordeal, and is now putting her little cottage back together. Some of her lovely work in her cottage was destroyed. But she's picked up the pieces and is back at her blog and her decorating.
Also if you would like to check out Cong's jewelry, here is the link again, CMVISION Jewelry
I'll be back on Wednesday to show you my latest thrifted find, and  "what lies beneath" ;) xoxo tami


  1. Oh I really like this necklace!! Pretty wrapping as well...xoxoxo

  2. So cute! & the packaging is really sweet! lucky you...xoxo

  3. Isn't winning fun?!!! Congrats!
    Have a great Sunday!
    ~ Julie

  4. Congratulations Tami! That necklace is beautiful and unique.

  5. Beautiful necklace and pretty packaging!! Congrats on the win!!

  6. So vintage pretty! Every time I see your blog banner, I just feel such joy!

  7. Cute necklace. That would be awful to have tornado damage. I will have to check out her blog. I added your blog to my blog roll.

  8. So cute, Tami!!!! Congratulations!

    xoxo laurie

  9. Well done on winning this, Tami. This post must have slipped my eye. I'm glad to know you win giveaways too.



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