Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Paper Trail

Having recently fallen madly in love with all the Paperwhites I'm seeing around blogland, I put them on my shopping list.
In the meantime on one of my lunch/thriftshop hop breaks I spotted a hidden treasure on a shelf behind all the mismatched cups and saucers. It's the most perfect soup tureen, in pure white, without a chip, sans the lid, but that's ok, as I knew exactly how I would use this little beauty.

So with company coming, and an empty soup tureen sitting on my table (lest they think I'm serving soup) I set out on the hunt for some fully grown Paperwhites. On a very rainy Friday. I stopped off at Lowes only to find they had covered all the plants as it was cold and rainy and they were closing early. ( did I mention it was the last day of the year?) I was about to give up when I spotted a tall rack covered in a green tarp, so I poked my head inside, and found  the prettiest Orchids ever, and on clearance none the less :) A mere $5.00. They looked as if they needed a rescue so I took them home. I won't say I settled as they are simply stunning sitting in my $5.00 soup tureen. Which gives me a total cost of just $10.00 for this pretty plant that will last as long as my gardening skills improve;)

I didn't give up on my beloved Paperwhites though, and while on a recent visit to Marshalls, thank you Michelle of Shell's Shabby Shack for reminding me about their year end clearance sale, I spotted these.

I am going to do my homework before just diving in to planting.

We also found this pretty burlap basket made of a vintage looking chicken wire, I think it's perfect.

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  1. You win the prize for the prettiest and least expensive centerpiece. Look at all the blooms on the orchid! I love paperwhites, too. I did not grow any this year :(
    I also like the chicken wire basket. Too cute!

  2. What a beautiful post, and the prices, I'm never that lucky. It makes me feel like, "this is how the new year should start out".

    Love your wire basket too.

    come visit

  3. I've never tried orchids. On my bucket list though.

  4. What a beautiful arrangement! I love that basket, too...very cool! ♥

  5. Very pretty! I just did a post on forcing bulbs; come on over and have a look!


  6. Very nice! I've never tried growing these but they sure are pretty.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Love the soup tureen and burlap basket. Who needs soup anyway when orchids look that pretty?

  8. Very pretty, you can't beat orchids. I love paperwhites, I never missed a year having them in my home until recently...I think I need to find some!
    Happy WW!

  9. I love paper whites. My daughter got me the first ones several years ago and I've been addicted since. Love them in the tureen. I love the framed chalk board behind them, too.

  10. Those paper whites will put a smile on everyone once they bloom!

  11. That orchid in the tureen is so pretty. Love the burlap chicken wire basket. Thanks so much for joining the party.

  12. Oh I just love that soup tureen!! It is perfect and the orchid is just beautiful! They had paper whites at our Home Depot on sale but I didn't get any :( Might have to go back and see if there are any left. Loving that pretty little basket too!! :) Great finds!!

  13. Hey! :) So glad you liked my island...it was some work, but worth every minute! My hubby used to question the vision I had for stuff, until he saw our kitchen and island all finished, now he just says go for it! lol (so it was DEFINITELY worth it!) LOL
    I LOVE your orchid and soup tureen! I have that same tureen. I got it from my MIL and it still had the lid and ladle, but you're making me want to ditch the lid and go buy an orchid. :)
    Have a great day!

  14. Love how you used your tureen...looks beautiful!


  15. Oh, you did good girl! Love the taureen and basket! How cute is that?! I hope you'll post on how your paper whites turn out. They are so pretty in bloom! Thanks for the shout out, too. Isn't it funny when you see your name on other blogs. I always do a double take :)

    Have the best night! xxx

  16. My friend used to give me paper whites every year at Christmas- and she didn't this year- just what's up with that? I missed them so much!

  17. The soup tureen looks perfect with the orchid...such a great re-purpose...and the burlap lined wire basket is another great find. For years I used Paper Whites for Christmas Decor and was always racing around to find new blooms to replace faded ones...keeping them at the perfect stage throughout the season...this year I used white freesia instead and they have looked great for 4 weeks!


  18. Great finds and they looks so pretty. I really love your beautiful orchids!

  19. I love what you did with the orchid. You gave it a second chance at a glamorous life! I love to use a silver champagne bucket to put my orchids in, but I may need to rethink that and dig out a soup tureen!
    Beautiful blog and what a delightful stop!

  20. Love Marshall's and love the burlap basket!

  21. Beautiful! It's so funny that you mention paperwhites because I was having the same paperwhite envy. I have the bulbs and was excited to plant them this week. I looked it up on google on how to force the bulbs and was sorely disappointed that it takes 8-10 weeks or more! This Wisconsin girl could use a little flowery inspiration. Oh well. I'll plan ahead for next year and buy some this year. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Pretty paperwhites and basket!
    Have a great week!
    ~ Julie

  23. Soup tureens are perfect for plants.. I loke violets in them too!!

    Am I too late to get some paperwhites for this year?? I am jones'n for some!!

    You're fault!! LOL

    We had so much rain here but all is well...
    Thanks for asking!

    Happy New Year!!

  24. Oh, those orchids are just stunning! They're so chic and elegant. And they will bloom very very long for you, too! And your chicken wire basket...???? LUV it!!!! Happy WW!

    xoxo laurie

  25. Oh..that is gorgeous!! I wish I had a green thumb but I know I would kill that....So pretty!!!

  26. Hi gorgeous,

    The tureen looks beautiful. Simple and elegant - especially with the orchid in. And I really like the metal basket too.

    It looks as though you've been doing some pretty successful shopping!


  27. Good choice using that soup tureen. I looks great with that orchid. You're going to love your paperwhites. They are so pretty...some of them smell pretty good too :)

  28. Hi!

    The tureen with the beautiful orchids is lovely!!! ♥

    I also think paperwhites are very pretty!

    Oh.. how kind of you to keep your eyes open for vintage ballet shoes for me *big hug*.

    I would love a pair in any color, but creamy white or white would be a fantastic ♥

    How exciting with your shop! I´ll be checking in once in a while to see if you´re open :)

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  29. hello my dear friend, Hope your new year has started well and I look forward to all the nice blog pages to come. Many hugs / Ingela.

  30. Inspirational cottage charm, perfect in every way!!

    I love a great find, the biggest joy in creating something beautiful is that perfect find.
    Just like my trays that you visited...you find something that speaks to you and the outcome is always great!!!

    Thank you for your beautiful visit and most perfect comment.

  31. Loving your whites...simple elegance to me!

  32. many thanks for your sweet comment. i was late getting paperwhites this year but they popped right up and are in full glory much quicker than the man at the nursery said they would be. too bad mr. sweet pea HATES the scent of them and has threatened to toss them on more than one occasion. they do have a weirdish scent... i still love them.



  33. So pretty! Love the basket and good luck with your "mini garden"

  34. Oh that is just so gorgeous! The various shades of white all coming together in one beautiful arrangement. You done good! :-) Thanks so much for linking this up to Inspiration Friday this week!

  35. Thes look of the paperwhite in the tureen makes a really lovely arrangement! I have just become your latest follower.

  36. OMG I love that tureen. You are so lucky to have found it. I love paperwhites too, but my family won't let me bring them in the house because of the smell, so I plant then in pots by my front door and enjoy them for as long as they last. The orchid is beautiful though. I will have to try my luck someday. I just found your blog and I love it.

  37. By the way, Tami, I meant to say how beautifully your photos are spread throughout your post. ;-)


  38. What a great bargain! The soup tureen is just perfect for those lovely orchids. Hope they do well. And that burlap basket is wonderful!
    Thanks so much for linking up with VIF!

  39. Love the tureen with the orchids! Can you believe I gave away two white soup tureens when we moved a dozen years ago because I didn't think I would ever use them? What was I thinking!

    How fun to have a thrift shop close enough to pop in at lunch. Thanks again for being a follower!

  40. Hi Tami, The Orchids are perfect in your new soup tureen. I am in love with the wire basket. I love paper whites because they are so easy. Just stick them in potting soil or in peebles with water and they will grow. Have a fabulous weekend.

  41. I love paperwhites and this is still the perfect time of year for them...great find at Marshall's!!! Your pictures are all really lovely!!!

    Happy New Year!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  42. Love that basket- it is darling!! Your orchid is lovely in the tureen and paperwhites are always so beautiful too! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!

  43. $5 for an orchid? Wow! That's a great buy and it looks perfect in the tureen....Christine

  44. beautiful! I have had my eye on some tureens at thrift shops recently too- I have yet to get any paperwhites, but hopefully soon before they're gone! found you through Make it for Monday!

  45. Hello Tami! Thank you for linking your post to Masterpiece Monday,I love paperwhites, they're just so beautiful! Mary :O)


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