Thursday, January 27, 2011

Danka Shoen

Darlings Danka Shoen...I wanna thank you for all the blog love you've shown...

Thank you all so much for the kind comments you've placed on my blog. It's the perfect "cheery up" ever.

I appreciate also all the new followers, and hope to keep things fun, and lively, as well as be somewhat inspiring so you all won't run off ;)
We will be opening our shop soon, I am so sorry about the delay, but we have been saving up all sorts of special treasures at affordable prices to pass on to all of you, so stay tuned on that. 
Also you can now translate my blog into your language by simply clicking on the google gadget to the right just under the archives:)
I was given a special award

so I want to thank Shelley from Calypso In The Country for giving me this honor. 
I'm told I am to tell you 7 things about myself so you can better get to know me, so here goes, but don't take this too seriously, I'm a bit loopy from cold meds ;)

 1) I am ticklish
2) I am a creature of habit, often choosing the same parking spot, the same foods at my favorite restaurants.
3) I am highly attracted to Red Heads, it's true, dare I say it's a fetish;)
4) I miss Daiquiri Ice from Baskin Robins (who says you can't combine a cocktail with ice cream?)
5) I try to make someone laugh each day
6) My dream job would be in advertising 
7) I havn't given up on my dream job :)
         I would like to honor the following blogs with this same award, in no particular order:
Ricki Treleaven 
1942 Charm 
The Sterling Cherub 
Ingrid Elizabeth Summers 
Roses and Rust 
Eco Friendly Homemaking
Las Vegas Etsy Team
Blue Ridge Altered Art
Rooms Of Inspiration
I based my choices on the fact that these blogs are all somewhat new to me, and I've recently discovered them, most of my regular visited blogs have already received this award, so I wanted to share some of my new discoveries with you all. 
If you're on this list, and you are an "award free" blog, please pardon my error (again, blaming this on my loopy cold meds)


  1. Congratulations to The Award Winners :)
    Hugs from Håkan ( The Roseman)

  2. Thank you so very much Tami. I am honoured to say the least. Love making new contacts and sharing all the bloglovin :-))

  3. Thank you my dear (I am an award free blog) but, I am still so thankful, especially for you and all of the support you continue to show me!! You are the best! Xoxoxo

  4. I'm a creature of habit too in some ways. I even like going into the same loo at my favourite restaurants. Okay...I shouldn't have shared that!!! Too much information!

    I'm really looking forward to seeing your Etsy shop. If it reflects anything at all of your gorgeous style then I am certian it'll be a hit!


  5. I'm ticklish too. And I love to laugh. So I like to make someone laugh each day. I even pretty much eat the same old thing at the very same restaurants!

  6. It's great getting to know you a bit more. Good luck with your shop, it must be exciting!


  7. OMG, Tami, thank you so much! I was "one of those days" at work and I come home to find a lovely comment from you on my blog. I'm just tickled pink! My blog is so new that I haven't decided if I am an award free blog yet, so I will happily accept this honor and make a post about it on my blog right now.

    Thank hyou again,


  8. Oops - *you* - I swear I know how to spell!

  9. Hi Tami
    Thank you so much for this lovely award. I am so flattered - what a wonderful start to the day. xx Sharon

  10. Dear sweet girl I loved these seven things about you! I am SO a creature of habit as well, it is a little scary at times but it keeps me sanely insane! :) You always make me smile and brighten my day, oh what fun we would have or trouble we would get into! :)

  11. Love knowing a little more about you Tami. I am such a creature of habit too...same parking spots, same restaurants, same food :)

  12. WooHoo!

    Thanks so much the award---I am honored!

    As you can tell by my blog, I keep it very plain, so I guess you could say I am an "award free" blog....

    But I would love for everyone to know more about me, so I'll gladly make my "7 Things" post shortly, but not pass along the award.

    Thanks again---I really am excited!


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