Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Working with Florals Parte Una

Many of you have asked about my lovely laundry basket seen here
I purchased it from Target nearly 10 years ago. It's fabric cover is a Waverly print.

I have loved Waverly fabrics for many years. When we moved here to this city 15 years ago, I had the most lovely Waverly pillow on my garden floral sofa, and I became a fan ever since. I have noticed the new fabrics are not quiet as "cottagy" as they used to be. But trends change very often. I have used florals in home since I moved out of my parents home in 1979, yep that's right! I'm 50 in case you're all wondering. My very first sofa was a floral. I'm careful though choosing patterns and I'll be showing you some fabrics and a slipcover on one of my chairs very soon. When it comes to florals it's important to choose colors you like best. If you're a blue person, or pink stick to those, remember you'll be seeing them every day for a long while. Most of my floral patterns have bits of reds as it's my favorite color. I also make sure the fabric is a simple cotton. Not shiny, and not any of the sort of 80's style double printed patterns, meaning not those that are a floral then a beigie, flowered pattern over that one.
I choose simple, cotton chintz types. It's just what I prefer. Also with pillows I do spend a bit more to have feather downs. They hold up, literally forever. So you don't have that smashed look once they've been around a number of years. Stay tuned for parte duo, 'till then, xoxo tami
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  1. One of mine favorite patterns, thank you for sharing. nice to see you at Mammabellarte

  2. really pretty! i love your vintage tub with the pillows...can't wait to see your part two! xoxo

  3. I love it! The pillows are on your sofa are very pretty....Xoxoxo

  4. Love your gorgeous floral pillows! So lovely and romantic. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh I just love Waverly as well... I have drapes and pillows and lovely fabrics set aside that are Waverly. Just beautiful. You know I love that bin with your pillows!! It was one of my first few highlights from Feathered Nest Friday! Happy Holidays!

  6. I must agree Waverly produces so many wonderful fabrics. I purchased 2 sofas and curtains and when I went to check on their branding both were produced by Waverly- I am a fan! Looks like you are too. Thank you for stopping by my blog today :) I will enjoy following you.

  7. Be still my heart! This is simply stunning!
    I love your blog!

    Flora Doora

  8. chic,simple and fabulous!!! fabulous decor too!
    love,love,love your blog!

  9. I'm new here but...I'll be back. :)

  10. I wanted to follow but....can't find your FOLLOW ME.

  11. I love the pillows in the white tub...I always think florals look so nice when paired with stripes :)

  12. Those are really great tips for choosing florals. There's a whole world of ugly fabrics out there and I'm a bit nervous of choosing the wrong ones. I can't find Waverley over here so I'm going to have a good browse around and see what else I can find. Thank you!


  13. I too still love the florals. I just can't help it no matter how hard I try to break the relationship! Your picture and title drew me in... I found you via White Wednesdays. Maybe you can stop by my blog sometime. I'm going to follow you, if you feel so inclined - maybe you can follow me back ;)


  14. I have all ways been drawn to that Waverly print even if things have gone geo a bit!..I have vintage floral toss cushions in my family room aaling with a few "newer" ones I love the look but am sure its a design nono!

  15. I popped over to see the Waverly lining in your laundry basket and yes...it is as I suspected...still love that print and have slipcovers and pillows...probably from Target...up at the lake house. I still like florals too!

  16. Tami, I have also been a long time fan of Waverly florals. All of your pillows are wonderful and I love the tub.

  17. Love that Waverly print- it is called Norfolk Rose and I wish Target still carried that line. But they don't.
    thanks for such a great post.

  18. Waverly is one of my favorites also. I used to have it a lot more at my last house where it was used in my curtains in the living room, kitchen and office. Oh, and I have a Waverly Christmas tablecloth that is gorgeous.

  19. Yes, everything is just more spirited with a bit of red, don't you think? It just jolts me right back to life.

  20. Hello to you, your roses on the pillows are lovely. Many warm hugs to you / Ingela

  21. Hi. Stopping by to wish you a Merry Christmas!
    I look forward to getting to know you this year. I also love Waverly and floral patterns,
    and, of course, toile.
    ~ Julie

  22. Oh my goodness, I LOVE that white tub in the last picture. I'm new here but love what I see. I have a couple tubs like that and may consider painting them! The florals are timeless, very pretty.


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