Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lidia Cooks and a Surprise GiveAway

More often than I care to discuss, my husband and I disagree. But there is one thing we both can and do agree on, and that is that we both love Lidia Bastianich. We often record her cooking show so we can watch it later, or learn new recipes. She also takes you on a tour of Italy, where she teaches you all about wine, and cheese, pasta, olives and all that the regions have to offer. So imagine how jealous we were when my Brother told us he was going to a special book signing to meet her! But he was kind enough to have Lidia sign a book for us, and sent it as a special gift. We just love it J...Thank you and your family for a gift we'll always treasure. To any of you who love Italian cuisine I think you'll love Lidia's book "Lidia Cooks From The Heart". And visit her website here
   Now onto my Surprise Giveaway...I have decided that my GiveAways will be done this way from now on. I'll simply randomly choose a post, then choose from those who have been kind enough to comment on it. The commentor must be one of my followers and that is the only rule. Other than that, simply comment as normal as you never know when you'll win. 
The prize this week is the pretty salt and pepper set you see in the photo by Lidia's book. They're made of porcelain and pewter and are valued at $40.00. 
The winner was chosen by and I entered 19 as there were 19 comments on my Working with Floral post. One person commented twice so I entered her only once to be fair. That being said, Congrats to Ashley of 1942 Charm you were commenter number 3 and have won! Ashley please email me at high street cottage at with your info and I'll send your gift. 
I have added a new page to my blog to explain my future giveaways, keep the comments coming, you never know when you'll be a winner :)

I'm linking to a couple parties this week
One is Kathleen's White Wednesday


  1. Congratulations, Ashley! Those are lovely shakers!

    Deborah in NC

  2. YAY FOR ME!!! Thanks a million!!!! You have absolutely made my week! Xoxoxo I will send the info to you asap!

  3. I am so going to enjoy visiting you! I use to have Laura Ashley weaverly fabrics throughout my home, tthrough the years I have gone to a calmer part of me that was beckoning a peaceful lack of color...LOL!!!

    Easy this way I could make every great find work and match :) any thing old with history is what I am all ablout these days.

    I love your French appeal with the feed sack look and wire baskets.

    I really can not wait to see more :)

    Have a Joyeux Noel

  4. Beautiful GiveAway!!
    Awwww! I wish I had known about you and your blog:)

    I am a follower now and will enjoy future visits.

    Un Joyeux Noel

  5. Oh, hello, I love anything italian, I'd probably love her cooking. I also want to win one of your drawings. I will go back now and become a follower.

    Come visit

  6. Can you believe I have never heard of Lidia's show? I'll be looking for it now though. Congrats to Ashley. Happy holidays to you and your family,

  7. Christmas Blessings to you and your family, From my mountain to yours Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  8. Persimmons! I've wanted to make persimmon cookies for a long time. Every time I see them I think of those cookies. Glad you like the book, we like it too.

  9. That is one the kindest comments left on my has been a bit of a tough week with it being Christmas and just knowing my brother wont be here, it has been difficult....I am so thankful for my new friends I have met through blogging and you have been WONDERFUL!! I am sending tons and tons of hugs and merry wishes your way!! Xoxoxo

  10. Awww..Ashley, it's all true!
    J...I have been craving persimmon cookies too, Mom's were the best and I never learned how. I was planning on looking up a recipe online. Remember them hot from the oven and even putting butter on them? Sigh, Mom was the best cook. We love the book, and I plan on working a few of Lidia's recipes into my menus after things slow down. Hugs, tami


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