Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vintage Camera

On a visit to family we all took in a few estate sales. And really had a good morning, finding all sorts of treasures. It's always and adventure being in a new city, seeing what it has to offer. At one of the sales (which was handled professionally, meaning the prices were way too high) we did find a few items. I found some crystals for one of my chandies, and a few other goodies. And my husband found something he loves too. This old camera. He even got the woman in charge to mark it down a bit for him. He has a few old cameras lying around the house, which may go into a cabinet in the office eventually being grouped together. But this one was so pretty we wanted it out in the living room. It reminds me of a nice visit with family, and of my husband. Seeing it makes me smile. And that's not bad for $10 bucks. I'm linking over toMissy at My Cottage Charm while you're there, check out her amazing cupcakes Also linking to The Shabby Chic Cottage Transformation Thursday 
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  1. I love it! It has such character and charm! Great find!

  2. Great find!! Have a fabulous day! I will certainly be checking out the cupcakes on Missy's blog. xoxoxo

  3. Ahh....thanks for linking up and for mentioning my cupcakes, that was so thoughtful of you! :)
    I LOVE that camera, it just takes you back in time! Look what we have now, with our fancy smancy digitals compared to what they used then. Ours might be nicer, but their's were prettier! :)
    Thanks again for linking up!
    Missy :)

  4. What a great find!! I LOVE vintage cameras, but don't have any yet. This would be a great thing to collect for my family room/play room that's not finished yet. Your vintage camera is wonderful and looks beautiful displayed in your LR! :)

  5. wow! great deal on that camera. :)
    thanks for stopping by and commenting on my fireplace.

  6. I love your vintage camera! Great find! Hopped over from Treasures and Trinkets...I am a new follower!

  7. Wonderful camera!!! Makes you kinda wonder who owned it before.....professional photographer....businessman....reporter.....?? Love how you displayed it!

    xoxo laurie

  8. That camera is really fun...what a great piece to decorate with. Cute blog!

  9. Thanks to everyone for the nice comments on the camera! My husband has only a couple of things he fancies, and vintage cameras are one of them. He recently purchased an interesting beach painting from a thrift shop, he's an artist himself and does very well, however this one caught his eye as he's from a beach community, born and raised two minutes from the ocean here in sunny california! All of your nice comments are greatly appreciated! Thanks again, tami

  10. love that camera!! what a fantastic piece to have.

  11. Hey Tami! Me again! Just wanted to thank you for the sweet comment on my last post. It's funny how these posts come together - by the seat of our pants sometimes - isn't it? lol! I just needed more white in the kitchen in preparation for the darker days, and plunked those pitchers up on the pie safe to see how they looked. Just like you setting that camera out where you just came together in an instant. :) I so treasure your comments. It helps confirm my feeble attempts at decorating! lol!

    Hugs! xoxo laurie

  12. Hello there! I'm over from French Country Cottage. Love the vintage camera you found. I have them all over the house. I love to decorate with them. I'm a new blogger too. So nice to meet you!

    Vicki at Rusty Rooster Vintage

  13. Omigosh you lucky lucky girl! Ten bucks??? I have been looking for that style camera forever. I'm jealous. Love your blog, and I am now following you.

    Happy Friday and visiting from Courtney's Feathered Nest Friday. BTW, hope you get a chance to join my gift raffle.

  14. "Oh this is WONDERFUL"... I would LOVE to have and display one. I REALLY wish I had my parents old BROWNIE. That took the BEST pictures and those pictures are still around and didn't fade at all...LOVE THEM! After reading your beautiful post I'm going to go check and see if that camera is around ANYWHERE in the family and if not, Hmmm, maybe E-bay!!!
    Thank you for those "Picture Perfect Memories"...
    Love,Love,Love your camera!!!
    Hugs, Donna

  15. I LOVE that old camera. What a nice piece to has a lot of charm and for $10 you can't go wrong :)

  16. Hi Tami, Great find, very charming, 10 bucks is a really nice price!! I was looking at your new hutch down below, delightful too... I love a great find it just makes my day:-))
    Thnaks for your so sweet comments, I am your newest follower:-))
    Good luck on weekend finds:-)

  17. wow! what a great find! vintage cameras always looks great on any vignette.. thanks for sharing

  18. Such a charming treasure that camera is! Love it! What a fantastic find! Thanks so much for joining Feathered Nest Friday this week and sharing this post! Love it! :)

  19. hello dear, so glad you stopped by, thanks for that I am always glad to det.Vilken old nice camera you and your husband has found. Fine detail to decorate with.
    Many warm autumn hugs I give to you / Ingela.


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