Friday, October 22, 2010

Good Gravy!

We're talking Gravy Boats People...I dunno why I love them, but I do. I have never made homemade gravy in my life. Personally, I buy the kind that comes in a jar, usually fat free, but still tasty. And I serve it up in one of these. However I do like to use gravy boats for all sorts of things. Extra marinara, salad dressing, or perhaps enchilada sauce. The pictured boats are as follows, the red and white is Johnson Bros "English Chippendale", $10.00 fifteen years ago from a flea market by the Sea in Ventura Ca., the middle soft rosy one is new (purchased at a thrift store on wed.) and is a vintage J&G Meakin Hanley, England, a gift from hubby he went all out on it and emptied his pockets at just $4.00 ;) and the last one in a multi floral is a Johnson Bros Sheraton also English. A thrifted find for $3.00, I do love English items. Can't help it. I filled them with fun items, coffee stirs, tea bags (slipping down into the middle boat) and candy. I'll link this up to:
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  1. Don't keep the gravy boats for the kitchen only! I have one in my bathroom holding jewelry, lotion and odds and ends.

    Yours are gorgeous!


  2. The gravy boats are so pretty. I especially like the middle one.

  3. Hi there!

    I am venturing over from Brenda's Cozy Little House. You know, I don't own a gravy boat but maybe I should. They look very fancy and as you've noted can be used for so many things. I also like the little shelf yours are sitting on!

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Very pretty...I like the one at the back :)

  5. I still call marinara sauce 'gravy'. We have a gravy boat, it's plain white and dribbles when it pours. I like yours much better

  6. Oh yes, Sunday Gravy...nothing like it. Braciole, meatballs, and sausage. Undo your top button, and have to lie down a while Sunday Gravy ;)

  7. Hi
    Gravy Boats, yes, I make gravy. I have gravy boats, but they are not pretty like the ones you have. I hope you keep collecting and share more sometime soon. Thank you for visiting
    My Cozy Corner. I love to collect tea cups. And I love lavender plants.
    Hope to see you soon.

  8. Hi Tami... Those gravy boats always follow me home too, and no gravy here either:-)) They are just too cute!! I love the red and white!
    Have a Great Weekend!

  9. Homemade gravy is really easy! I promise.

    And it's yummy too!

    I just use the juices from the meat, and some flour and the water from one of the vegetables I've cooked and then I blend.

    They do look gorgeous for decoration too though!

    Thank yuo SO much for letting me know about the (gorgeous) cushions.

    I love what you're doing with your blog. I love the English influence (soooo biased!!).

    I'm a-following!!


  10. Your gravy boats are beautiful! I have few white ones that I have scattered over the house. They are just so pretty to look at! I only get them down at Thanksgiving for actual gravy! :)

  11. Thank you for your visit! I do have one old gravy boat that I love dearly. Now you've inspired me to use it in other ways...thanks! And your gravy boats are wonderful.

  12. Oh I am a gravy boat lover as well!!! I just love the name...gravy boat!

    Yours are lovely...and so is your sweet blog.Off to read some of your past posts. xoxo

  13. Love them. I only have one but it's all white and I love it!!

  14. i totally agree, gravy boats are beautiful. they are the smaller version of a jug which i also collect. the ones pictured here are so pretty. i am impressed at how tidy you keep your house.

  15. I just LOVE these, too. Yours are wonderful and even better with some tootsie pops! The red rose transfer is just calling my name!


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