Monday, April 6, 2015

Cottage Style Gardens:
With Spring in the air it was time to pretty up my patio. This is just outside our French Doors in the Living Room.
I am a sucker for floral prints and these pretty Cath Kidston Slips are perfect for Spring/Summer Seasons.
The chairs we use over and over, and simply give them a fresh spray of white paint once Winter is over.
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Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Romantic Look For A Sofa

A Romantic Soft Look For My Sofa
Had a little fun creating a magazine cover with this photo of my sofa I gave it a little romance by adding Rachel Ashwell's pretty British Rose Pillow Slips.

Here's the magazine cover, coincidentally it already mentioned sofas on the cover, even though there is a typo. I don't mind, it's just a bit of fun

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Customizing Off The Rack Slip Covers

Today I'm sharing my  $95 Chair

We purchased two wing back chairs from our neighbors last summer, and after a good shampoo added one of our favorite off the rack slipcovers.
I had the seat cushion customized by a seamstress so that when we sat on the chairs we wouldn't have to re tuck the slips.

Budget Breakdown:
Chair $15
Slip $30
Seat Cushion Cover $50
Not bad for such a gorgeous chair!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Petit Fours

Made Some Pretty Petit Fours For My Hubby

These are super easy, use store bought pound cake, slice off the crust, and cut them in cubes of 1 inch thick. Frost them, Decorate Them, and Eat Them.

This is a great link for tips on the frosting, although this is not the mix I used, I mixed my own with confectioner's sugar, water and food coloring, played around with the consistancy.
Watch Tips Here
Make sure the let them dry around an hour before eating.

Great for serving guests after dinner, little girlie tea parties, and they're diet friendly since usually one or two will do it.
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Friday, December 28, 2012

Sofa Make Over

We had a little Sofa Make Over this week. We gave it a new slip, our Sofa has always been gorgeous, but it was time to preserve it a little more, and since I've wanted a cottage white slipcovered sofa, literally since the late '80's, it was time.
 The Green Floral you see is the Vintage Estate Sale Fabric I bought over a year ago, which will be made into new pillow slips.

The view: Sorry for the foggy day photo, taken with my IPAD
Before: Our very old pretty Beige Damask sofa, when I purchased it I was inspired by one of Rachel Ashwell's photos in her first book. I still love it which is why I wanted to give it a slip, and not re upholster.
Have a wonderful weekend one and all, we are celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary today, we'll be breathing in some Ocean Air, and spending some much needed quality time together. tami

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Calming Colors

As of late I've been introducing a new color or two to my overly populated by red home.

Red is, and always will be my favorite color, however, I find soft blues to be so calming. Usually reserved for a Guest Room, I recently brought them into, the living room and onto the sofa by adding this pretty Rachel Ashwell Hydrangea Pillow.
Soo uber pretty to come home to. Thank you Rachel! For your Design Genius, and Impeccable Taste :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Who much space do you need?
Occasionally I get a wild hair and search the new home listings, just to see.
Our home is around 1500 sq feet, plenty of room for a family of 2.
Just the Hubby and I. But we do like to have family come for a visit or close friends, also we like to open our home to others when the occasion calls for it.
Personally, I have lived in a studio apartment when I was single, a one bedroom apartment, and on up.
I remember fondly the studio, it was a fun time in my life, I had a small (tiny) kitchen, livingroom/bedroom, and a bathroom.
My first vintage table and chairs were a round white table, and two icecream parlor style chairs my Mom and I found together at a yard sale. I loved them, and carried them on into my first couple years of married life.
When you're madly in love, it's amazing how little you need. Perhaps that is what makes my friend Debra so happy?
She lives in a tiny home,

I've been inspired by her blog  from the moment I first saw it.
And her life.
Tonight I stumbled upon a home that makes her tiny cottage look like a mansion , which makes me much space do we really need?
My guess is it depends upon where you live.
City, Beach, Country. Either way, I think Debra, and anyone who chooses this lifestyle is not onlly brave, but motivating. So thank you, tiny home dwellers, everywhere, for making us all realize that happiness is certainly not based on how much you have.